20 December 2015

Comfort and Joy Gift Set

When I went into Oxford Street to attend the Scented Cinema experience a few weeks ago, I told myself that I was not allowed to purchase any products for myself - especially gift sets, which I seem to have mounted up over the past month. While I did manage to stick to my ban, a generous employee presented me with a press pack, which featured this very gift set in it. So while I didn't release any more moths trying to grapple with the credit cards in my wallet, I did ultimately add another gift set to my ever-growing collection.

Comfort and Joy would be my favourite gift set, if the Lush Kitchen didn't exist. The reason being that not only does it offer a fabulous selection of products that are perfect for shower lovers, but it also features a product that you can not purchase anywhere else commercially aside from the limited batches made in the Kitchen.


this gift set is for those who want a taste of the seasonal range, while enjoying some permanent favourites as well. 

For £19.95, this set doesn't seem as good value for money as other gift sets within this price range - the reason being that most of the twenty pound collections are presented in reusable boxes, tins and knot wraps. Although the wrapping paper for this is definitely beautiful, it would have been far nicer to have the design on a box or knot wrap. 

Having said this, what is featured is a great selection that will last you a good few months of daily showering - a set that would no doubt outlast most of the other gift sets around this price. What is also great is that the fragrances featured in this box are so different - you have vanilla and malt, blackcurrant and rose - something for any occasion and suited for every mood.

Overall, I happen to really love this gift set, and although it needs a little tweaking in my mind, I think the selection of the products more than makes up for the lack of 'box'  to store things in afterwards.

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £19.95 each.


  1. I bought the USA version (Comforter, twilight, buffy, love and light, and celestial) for myself and was super excited to try out Twilight. Imagine my disappointment when I realized I hated the smell! Luckily I love everything else in the set, and gifted twilight to a friend. After trying and hating twilight and black pearl, I think I can avoid anything with lavendar from now on!

  2. Really want to try the twilight shower gel!!

  3. I wish that the Comforter shower cream smelled as good as the bubble bar & the body lotion. To me the shower cream smelled like children's amoxicillin suspension :/