8 December 2015

Tramp Liquid Perfume

 I'm going to be honest - this is probably one of the last perfumes I would have chosen to come out in the kitchen, if I had been given a choice. With so many amazing fragrances from Lush, there is an abundance of scents just waiting to be given their chance to shine in perfume form, and I wholeheartedly advocate that the company do soon as possible...if they'd be so kind.

My journey with Tramp has definitely had its ups and downs over the years - I still remember how much I abhorred the smell of the shower gel when I first came into contact with it, and how I went on to surprise myself by really appreciating the body lotion and its unique take on the patchouli-dominated fragrance. 

When Lush announced that this would be coming out in the kitchen, I felt a mixture of emotions. While I was excited to be trying a perfume that I'd never had the opportunity to try before, I was also slightly disappointed that it wasn't a different, more appealing Lush scent for me. Needless to say, I wasn't expecting great things.
Made from a simple combination of patchouli and oakmoss, this perfume is exactly what any fan of Tramp is looking for. Although it is slightly sweeter as a fragrance, the same key components are still very much present in the overall aroma of the product, and despite not being an advocate of the shower gel, I have grown to love and appreciate this alluring addition to Lush's rostrum. 

In the bottle, this perfume is an equal balance of patchouli and oakmoss - a sweet, slightly spicy and exotic scent that gives this perfume a wonderful uplifting quality. Alongside this, the oakmoss adds a dry, mossy element that comes alive once the perfume has been sprayed on the skin. 

Designed to evoke the atmosphere of a forest, this earthy fragrance intensifies when it's being used. As soon as I sprayed this on my skin, I could detect a dark and very dry note that took over and thwarted the patchouli somewhat - this is definitely 'oakmoss heavy' in that sense. 
Yet over time, once Tramp settled and had been given time to develop, I found that I could smell the sweetness revering its head once more, and this stayed with me for a good five hours after initial spray. In fact, this is probably one of the strongest perfumes to come from Lush in a while - offering a refreshing but very unique experience once applied.

Much like the body lotion, this does well when it's given time to mature and develop on the skin, and I felt almost as if I'd taken a journey with Tramp Liquid Perfume - a magical, mystical adventure deep into the realms of an enchanted forest. While I would never claim that this is a favourite of mine, it is a fragrance I will go back to often - it's something very different from my usual choice of sweet and fruity, but a welcome difference nonetheless.       

Quantitative Ingredients: DRF Alcohol,Patchouli Oil, Perfume, Alpha Isomethyl Ionone, Oakmoss Absolute, Eugenol, Oakmoss Extract.

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £28 for 30g.

Year Of Original Release: 2008. 

Scent Family:
Tramp Body Lotion
Tramp Liquid Perfume
Tramp Shower Gel
Tramp Shower Jelly
Tramp Solid Perfume


  1. I just Tried it on myself and i got to say that Rose jam is a much stronger fragrance on my Skin. But oh my god Tramp has a Horrible dryness to it. I think Jen will know what i mean.

    I dont know but i think i would prefer Tramp als a men perfume ....its kinda missing any feminine appeal... Or can you smell feminine Notes Jen that iam just missing??

  2. I get mine this Saturday! My favorite Lush scent. So happy to hear a review that describes exactly what I was hoping for in this perfume :)

  3. I just received mine today. I'm also on the fence as to if this would be better suited as a men's cologne. After the initial spray it does seem rather masculine; however, if I get real close to my skin after while, it smells sweet and feminine. I wonder if there's a lotion, or other perfume, I could use with it that would make it less androgynous? Any suggestions, or is that a terrible idea? Thanks!

  4. Stop trying to define scent by gender, it sounds silly. I understand what you mean, it's not what you're used to and that's why I love it! It's mystical and earthy and makes me smell like a hippy! Enjoy the journey and stop getting caught up in gender ladies!

  5. I know this shares patchouli oil with the Karma line, how similar are the scents? I bought karma soap and it was just too strong, but I'm really interested in Tramp because of the Oakmoss.

    1. Karma's a lot more citrusy, the oakmoss in tramp replaces that with a very dry woody scent. The patchouli adds a smoky/woody spiciness to both. It really depends what you are looking for! In terms of strength both scents in themselves are very strong and long lasting, i think in the perfumes the patchouli makes itself known later and in soaps they're pretty evenly blended. I couldn't really say which one i preferred!

  6. I just got my bottle from the kitchen and was really excited to try a more unusual perfume. A walk in the forest sounded like a lovely scent. I guess I just never knew how oakmoss smells? I expected something green and grassy smelling. Initially the bottle smelled like patchouli, but once in contact with my skin it smelled very spicy and herbal? I smell something like cinnamon or cloves, and something... minty? I'm reminded of kardamom seeds, almost. Looking at the ingredients it seems really strange I smell all of those things, since it's such a short list and only contains patchouli and oakmoss. Since it's so different from what I expected I'm really not sure how I feel about this perfume yet...

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