13 December 2015

Golden Wonder Gift Set

In all honesty, it is never often that I recieve one of Lush's smaller gift sets - normally because I'm either purchasing them for myself, and I tend to go for the reusable box-set types, or because my family are buying me one, and they'll only purchase one that I've requested - which relates back to my first point.

In regards to the Golden Wonder Gift Set, I only found myself in receipt of this product because of an issue with an order from the Lush Kitchen. After one of my flatmates purchased a handful of The Enchanter Bath Bombs, it was a matter of days before they were notified that Lush had run out, and that the company would be issuing refunds instead of cooking up another batch. By way of an apology, my friend received this gift set and was kind enough to give it to me.

One of Lush's cheapest Christmas collections, this gift set features just two products - a great introduction to the company's seasonal range, and the perfect   set for those looking for an appealing stocking filler or secret Santa. 

This set features:

What is great about this duo is that you'd be hard-pressed to find many people who'd dislike either of the scents featured here. While neither of them may be your personal favourites, a fizzy, fruity bath bomb and a creamy, vanilla offering are fairly universal when it comes to consumer choice - which means that this is a great set for buyers who are unsure of what fragrances a particular person may like.

Although you are paying for the presentation and ease of it already being wrapped, and I wouldn't recommend that you purchase it for yourself as it's cheaper to buy the bath bombs individually, it is a beautiful gift set, and one that is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face.

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £8.95 each. 


  1. Wow, in the US, it's Golden Wonder Bomb, Celebrate, and some Gold fun!

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  3. Hi Jen! Sorry for commenting something unrelated, but do you think I could use Rub Rub Rub on my face? I can't afford to invest in both Ocean Salt AND RRR, and seeing RRR is cheaper...
    I wouldn't be using it every day, more like twice a week, and not scrubbing hard, just enough to exfoliate a little. I used St Ives scrub in the past and loved how good it was for my acne, but they test on animals *boo*
    Oh yeah, and would you get Santa Baby or It Started with a Kiss lip tint? I'm looking for a nice red colour that has nice pinkish undertones, and smells nice and goes on nice and easily.
    Thanks for any help!

    1. I would recommend just getting Ocean Salt because RRR isn't formulated to be used on the face, but Ocean Salt is a face and body scrub, so it is safe for both areas.

    2. Hey lovely, I completely agree with Christina! I tried using Rub Rub Rub on my face and found it tried it out quite a bit, and my complexion went a little odd for a few days afterwards!

  4. thanks for the help! I'll see if I can stretch my budget to include a tub of OS as well. I don't think I can afford to use OS on my body too, so I might use it just on my face to save costs.

    Thanks for all this blog has done Jen, it's stopped me from investing in a few duds and helped me with getting some true beauties!