24 January 2016

Tisty Tosty Limited Edition Pink Version

Despite there being a couple of brand new products in this year's Valentine's Day, I was hoping for a little more to sink my teeth into. Having said that, I recognise the fact that any one of Lush's seasonal ranges serves multiple purposes - to cater for consumer desire at that time of the year, to introduce the brand to new customers and hopefully obtain brand loyalty - not to mention entice regularly customers back into their local shop with the promise of limited edition goodies. I very much doubt 'to satisfy Jen's lust for new products' is anywhere near the top of the company's agenda, although some would argue that it should be!

When I first discovered that three products were being kept exclusive to Oxford Street, I was at first relieved that I would have easy access to these items, and then slightly disappointed to discover that one of the items was to be a Limited Edition Baby Pink Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb. What's the point? I thought, oblivious to the fact that there were many thousands of Lush fans across the globe that the company was catering for, not just me. And then it clicked.

For someone new to Lush, this rather beautiful-looking creation is the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Not only is it very in-keeping with the season, and ticks near enough every box, it's a great introduction into the world of Lush - one that features a regular item that can be purchased throughout the entire year. I'm sure there's nothing worse than new consumers loving a product, only to discover that it's been discontinued a week later!

Firstly, Tisty Tosty shares the same fragrance as the regular version - a heady combination of rose absolute, geranium, jasmine and lemon oil. This is a really lovely infusion of scents because, while the rose is the strongest element, you can make out each note from the other - giving you a powerful and equally complex layer of smells. The geranium gives this bath bomb a strong, almost powdery dry flower aroma, while the lemon oil adds an uplifting quality that means the bomb is still refreshing and light.

What is great about this limited edition pink version is that you actually get the bonus addition of colour in the bath tub. Although the rose decoration is very pretty by itself, the addition of the pale pink water just adds that little extra magic to the whole experience, and although such a minor improvement, I did really appreciate this aspect a lot. I'm actually surprised they don't offer this version in shops as a regular item - I think it would be an equally big seller.

As I mentioned above, this bath bomb also comes with real rose heads both inside the product as well as scattered across the surface. Not only does it make every single Tisty Tosty unique in the way the roses pattern the surface, but makes for a wonderful, mess-free addition to the bath tub. While some Lush fans scarper at the mere mention of a bath bomb with 'stuff' inside, this is one that doesn't release a load of unwanted goodies into the water - the six rose heads are easy enough to pick out, and they really don't bother you at all once you're submerged under the water.

Based on a medieval love potion, these flowers spill out into the water and make for something a little different than your regular bath bomb. With the inclusion of rose oil, which is supposed to soothe broken hearts and help to repair skin, and lemon oil, added to give an uplifting top note to the fragrance, this bath bomb is great addition to any bath tub.

Not only does this version come in a different colour, but it also has a rather endearing love potion tucked into the side. When the product is dissolving in the water, the spell is released. It may not be much of an improvement, but it is a special touch that'll appeal to Valentine's Day lovers all around the globe. Unfortunately, as it's only an Oxford Street exclusive, London Lushies will have to enjoy it for everyone else until it comes out in the kitchen.

In its favour, Tisty Tosty is strong enough to see you through the entire bath, and while I didn't detect much of a fragrance on my skin afterwards, I could smell it in the bathroom for a few hours. Furthermore, it's not the most moisturising of bath bombs, but it does soften the skin a little and leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted.

Overall, Tisty Tosty is not one I plan to stock up on - it's not interesting enough for me to do so. However, it's definitely a nice little touch from Lush, and I can see this being a big seller for those looking for something to get their loved ones this year. Hopefully, this will entice new fans, inspire some life-long consumers in the process, and offer a pleasant twist for those looking for a new bath experience.

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Rosebuds, Rose Absolute, Geranium Oil, Lemon Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Orris Root Powder, Benzyl Salicylate, Citronellol, *Linalool *Limonene, Perfume.

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: £3.50 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2016.

Scent Family:
Le Grand Amour Bath Bomb
Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb
Tisty Tosty Limited Edition Pink


  1. This isn't an Oxford St exclusive - I saw it in my local shop yesterday.

    Jen, can you tell us what other bath bombs/bubble bars are currently exclusively available in Oxford Street? I can't get an answer from Lush, and as I have a friend going there next week I could ask her to get me some things if I only knew what there is!

    1. Hi there! Depending on the country you live in, the original has possibly not been discontinued yet, the white one, thats the one you would have seen. If you aren't sure, check for the little tag on the side. :) i'm in Australia, and we still have them, but they are being phased out.

      As for exclusive bath bombs and things, Jen has done a pretty comprehensive list, scroll a little down this review, and on the right hand side, you'll see a green and purple picture with 'OXFORD ST EXCLUSIVES' on it, click on that, and have a look.

      Again, depending on your country, some will still be exclusie, while others won't. In Australia, we can't get any of the bath bombs yet, but we have Pink Flamingo and Milky Bath (a non vegan bubble bar, which is why Jen hasn't reviewed it) and very little else for now. So just pull up your local lush website, and compare what you have and don't have with what is on your website, and there are your exclusives! I hope that helps!

  2. No, it was definitely the pink one I saw. I am in the UK fyi.

    I was asking Jen if there are any new Oxford Street bath exclusives so far this year. For instance, I've heard there is a bubble bar called Heart Throb. I would like to know what is new since I was last there myself in November.

  3. Fortunately the videos Jen posted today covers some of the new exclusive products. Just in time as my friend is going tomorrow!

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