25 January 2016

Lots Of Love Gift Set (Valentine's Day 2016)

It's quite a sad state of affairs that I have to buy my own Valentine's Day gifts - partly because I'm too impatient to wait for the actual day to come around, and mostly because nobody that knows me is willing to buy me Lush when they recognise that I have so much already. A predicament if there was ever one!

While this isn't my favourite design from the current collection, it's definitely got the best and most superior selection of products inside. And there's no denying that this isn't visually stunning to look at - if I received this from a loved one, I would more than ecstatic.

Reminiscent of the Heart Of Gold collection I was given a few years ago, this is the perfect gift for anyone looking to wow a loved one. Whether or not you love chocolate, I cannot see anybody being disappointed if they were presented with this - unless of course they didn't have access to a bath tub! 

This gift set features:

What is great about Lots Of Love is that every product compliments the others, while also being incredibly diverse enough to offer a completely different experience. You have Tisty Tosty for a rose and geranium-dominated bath; Sex Bomb for those jasmine moments; Lover Lamp for when you want something creamy and fruity; Rose Jam for the sweet and lemony rose experience; Unicorn Horn when when nothing but a gentle floral will do; and French Kiss for when you're in need of sleep and you wish to be buried in lavender.

Each of these products offer at least one bath - with the bubble bars stretching to two or three for those who wish to be conservative with their goodies. Of if like me, you enjoy experimenting with scents and combinations, you can mix and match pieces of any of these items, and you'll be sure to create a wonderfully relaxing bathing experience.

If the products aren't enough for you, there is also the beautiful design of the box to enjoy. This thick, sturdy case looks gorgeous on the mantel piece, and can be used afterwards as a jewellery box, make up box, or just about anything you think of. It's one of those that more than makes up for the price tag, and while this will be the only collection I grab from the Valentine's range this year, I am no less than in awe of Lots Of Love.

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: £27.95 each.


  1. I truly love these gift sets for Valentine’s Day. Thanks a lot for this interesting share. Well, we have also been looking for some creative ideas for our sister’s bridal shower. We will host the party at indoor venues in NYC. Could you please suggest any ideas for her party?

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