31 January 2016

Ladybird Bubble Bar

With some products, you're able to guess pretty well from the description what the item might smell like, and while you can never be one hundred per cent certain of its fragrance, you're not normally that far out. However, there are some occasions where the ingredients list gives very little away, and the surprise is discovering the mystery aroma upon receipt of the product. Such is the case with Ladybird

A brand new release for this year's Mother's Day range, this gorgeous looking bubble bar is a mystery - in both how this bath product actually ties in with the seasonal selection to begin with, and also how very different the aroma is when compared to the ingredients that have gone into making this limited edition beauty.

On the brightside, I cannot fault the design of this little critter at all. Sporting a vivid red and purple appearance, this definitely showcases Lush's ability to produce unique and attractive products. You'd be hard-pressed to find a cuter product in the store right now, and it's unlikely you'll be able to walk past it without at least giving it a sniff or two.
What is surprising is its smell. While it contains geranium and peppermint oils as the main ingredients, the aroma I make out is not what I was expecting at all. My initial thoughts upon removing the product from the bag was that Ladybird was far sweeter than the write-ups suggest. 

Immediately I could detect a strong, sugary-sweet smell that reminded me very much of Snow Fairy Shower Gel. When opening a bottle of the seasonal favourite, I get a very sickly, syrupy scent that reminds me of pear drop sweets and bubblegum, and this to me is very similar to one of the main notes in this bubble bar. 

Alongside this is the note of peppermint, which is what I think gives this product its uniqueness. Rather than a straight forward sweet smell, the peppermint gives it a refreshing element that sets it apart from other Snow Fairy, Creamy Candy inspired cosmetics. It's a very cooling smell - one that doesn't have the sharp kick that you would normally expect from mint-scented products, but one that is definitely at the forefront of the fragrance.

What is interesting is that if you continue to smell the bubble bar, you do begin to recognise the floral elements that the geranium brings to the table. However, the combined efforts of both this and the peppermint, causes the former ingredient to have a very different impact on the overall smell of this bubble bar.

This is quite a stubborn bubble bar to break down so you might need to crumble this up before running the tap. Having said this, once Ladybird begins to work her magic, the water is transformed into a stunning deep, warming red colour. Furthermore, the abundance of silky-soft, fragrant bubbles is promising, and they cocoon you throughout the whole experience - I was very impressed. 

What is also fantastic is that the water itself is very moisturising. While Lush's bubble bars tend to be far superior in the water than their bath bombs, it is a rare occasion when I discover a bubble bar that is as nourishing on the skin as this one. After exiting the bath, I found my skin felt refreshed and soft, and this feeling lasted all the way through to the following day. 

Not only this, but the scent of the product remained really prominent throughout the whole bathing experience. I was in the tub for a good hour with this one, and I found that I could still make out the fragrance of Ladybird on both my skin and in the water, despite using an array of equally potent cosmetics that would normally outshine certain bathing products.
I would expect this bubble bar to heed two to three good quality baths, or more if you decide to use it as part of a cocktail. While the scent certainly isn't my favourite from Lush, I really appreciate that it's a new fragrance, and I cannot fault its productivity both in the bath and afterwards.

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Lauryl Betaine, Cornflour, Perfume, Geranium Oil, Peppermint Oil, Colour 45410, Colour 17200, Colour 42090.

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: £3.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2016.


  1. Here's a bath cocktail recipe I recently thought up :) I call it "A Sweet Refresh"
    -1 intergalactic bath bomb
    -1 think pink bath bomb
    - 1 ladybird bath bomb
    -1 MMM bath oil
    -Wash with and add lashings of Freeze shower gel and Snow Fairy shower gel
    This bath cocktail will leave you feeling refreshed and smelling sweet!

    1. Oops-I meant to write ladybird bubble bar, not bath bomb! Silly me :P

  2. Love this little guy; personally I think it smells like those rocket shaped ice lollies, with a slight floral undertone :)

  3. Ladybird is too cute! He sounds like he smells amazing, too! Makes me wish I had a bathtub. Also, I love the new banner!

  4. Oh my... I can see me stocking up on these bad boys! I bet they'll go beautifully with Intergalactic bath bomb! :D

  5. Omg, just had a bath with this divine little bar, so wish i had stocked up on a few of them as it was amazing, gorgeous smell, very bubbly and has left my skin super moisturised, makes me sad i've actually used him, i hate when lush only bring things out seasonally especially when they smell so damn good!!!!

  6. I just love the ladybird that I already have 5 of them