2 January 2016

Lush Cocktail: Girl Scouter

Katrina's 'Girl Scouter' Cocktail


Lashings of So White Shower Gel



After updating my Lush cocktail book with the many new recipes that had popped up on my site over the last few months, I came across this one and knew that it had to be the next one I tried out. Not only did it feature two of my all time favourite bath products, but the Christmas collection had just been released in the shops, and there was an abundance of Butterbears waiting to bought and used by myself. 

While I'm not quite sure where the name Girl Scouter has come from, the ingredients are far too interesting to worry about such a small matter. Containing what I believe are four completely different and seemingly contradictory fragrances, I was surprised at first to discover that this cocktail worked at all. 

First I added in the gorgeous Abominaball - a bath bomb that emits a mixture of citrus and peppermint oils, both of which are balanced out with a subtle creamy vanilla scent. To me, this bath ballistic smells like a giant mint humbug - a beautiful and well-balanced combination of vanilla with mint. It's refreshing and strong, without being overpowering or too minty. 

To begin with, the ballistic spewed out a silky white foam that sat peacefully on the bath water whilst the a turquoise colour began to ooze out from underneath and taint the water. Halfway through, a hole appeared in the side of the ballistic, which filled the bath with a rich blue foam, and gave it a wintry edge. All in all, it took a good 8-10 minutes to fully dissolve, by which time the other ingredients had been added and the cocktail was ready to enjoy. 

After getting my greedy mitts on a couple of sought after Golden Egg Bath Bombs, I couldn't wait to add one to this cocktail. What is unique about this seasonal product is that it's composed of both a bath melt and a bath bomb, and it is this that makes it incredible in the water. 

The outer shell is a glorious cocoa butter and sweet orange oil melt that, on contact with hot water, immediately begins to melt and ebb into the water, creating a beautiful stream of yellow foam. As Golden Egg continues to fizz, the bath bomb centre begins to release creamy white foam, which disperses into the tub and mixes with the yellow. 

Although this beauty is very glittery to look at, the bomb turns the bath water bright green only leaves the slightest hint of lustre in the water. While you might have to rinse the tub down afterwards, the lustre doesn't taint your skin and washes away with ease. 

The final bath bomb is the Butterbear, which has a very rich, musky vanilla scent. While the ylang ylang adds a subtle powdery sweetness, there's not much more here that you can really write about the smell. The addition of the sprinkled cocoa powder on top does add a gentle chocolatey scent, but it's not one you can detect in the bath.

When this bath bomb hits the water, it immediately begins to fizz, releasing a stream of white foam that disperses throughout the water very quickly. Seconds later, little beads of what looks like oil begin to seep from the bath bomb, most of which float on the surface but some of which tend to spread out and rest against the edge of the tub. I found out after some research, that this is the cocoa butter which has been included to soften the bath water and moisturise your skin whilst you're relaxing. 

While So White Shower Gel can be added at the start to induce some bubbles into the bath, I chose to use it as more of a 'top up' of both fragrance and moisture - not that this cocktail needed the latter because it was already incredibly moisturising on the skin thanks to the other ingredients. 

In all fairness, I feel that the shower gel could actually be left out. I found that it somewhat thwarted the minty, vanillary sweetness that the other three products had created, and turned it into a more fruity experience, which is still great but necessarily as desirable as it would have been without this. 

Having said that, this was such a unique cocktail - one that instantly warmed me due to the very nature of it being a bath and because of the bright green water, painted with golden streaks, that filled the tub. However, at the same time, the freshness of the mint and the crisp apple fragrance from the shower gel, gave this experience a rather refreshing and uplifting element to it as well. 

While I would have said that all of these ingredients are more winter-orientated products, together they produce a cocktail that is more suited to autumn or early spring weather. Needless to say, I enjoyed it immensely and would recommend that you try it out for yourself. 

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 8.9 out of 10. 


  1. Wish you wouldn't keep using the word "spewing". It's a real turn-off.

  2. I think Girl Scouter refers to "Girl Scouts?"

  3. The ingredients with the chocolate-mint theme make me think of the "Thin Mints" cookies that the Girl Scouts of America sell. Not too sure how the "So White" would play into that theory though, unless it's like a "young girl" element.

    Darnit, now I am craving girl scout cookies.... :/

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