7 May 2016

Lush Cocktail: Long Island Iced Tea

CGCM's 'Long Island Iced Tea' Cocktail


Lashings Of Ponche Shower Gel
Celebrate Body Lotion (or Ponche Liquid Perfume)



Let's be honest - this isn't exactly a cocktail that jumps out at you to begin with, when it comes to the colour (or lack of) in the water. With three out of the five ingredients being shower gels, I wasn't expecting the experience to be overly colourful, but the outcome was still a wonderful fruity one that I would recreate time and time again. 

While I am not one to really drink alcohol, I definitely love the idea of a cocktail, and Long Island Iced Tea sounded like the perfect accompaniment to match the hot weather that was radiating outside of the window. Not only did this cocktail prove to be very cheap to create, it also proved to be incredibly moisturising and wonderfully sweet.

To begin with, I squirted  a generous amount of Ponche Shower Gel under the running tap. This is easily my favourite shower gel to ever come from Lush and the hot water immediately gave me huge bursts of citrusy, orangey goodness. The gel is supposed to replicate the popular Mexican drink and is the perfect summery scent to begin this cocktail, and I could have easily stopped at this point and bathed in the smell of this alone.

What is great about Ponche is that it's incredibly softening on the skin, and this transferred into the bath where already the water had begun to appear a little silkier to the naked eye. The product started off a mound of fruity bubbles that continued to grow as I added the other ingredients, and a velvety blanket of creamy white foam began to decorate the surface of the water.

Next up was Fruity Beauty - another alcohol-infused shower gel. Whereas Ponche has a generous helping of Tequila, this one offered a thread of vodka, and while neither tipples could be detected in the bath, it was definitely becoming a boozy experience. Fruity Beauty has a completely different sweet, fruity smell, and waves of this could be smelled as soon as it hit the steam of the hot water.

The delicate raspberry and pineapple is simply sublime, and when the Lemon Melt Shower Gel is added afterwards, the smell that radiates from the bathroom is unbelievably yummy! The latter shower gel brings a highly zesty dose of lemon, with the inclusion of cocoa butter shavings to make the water even softer than it was before.

Finally, once you've towelled yourself down, I slathered myself with a generous amount of Celebrate Body Lotion and drowned my sorrows in yet another dose of fruity goodness. This body lotion added the champagne, spritzy-grape element to the cocktail, but also allowed the other fruity delights to stay on the skin as well. 

Overall, I was so impressed by how cost-effective this bath worked out, how light it felt bathing in its waters while the sun shone outside, and how refreshing it is. My skin felt radiant and silky-smooth afterwards, and I was in such a good mood for the rest of the day. I would highly recommend this cocktail to anyone, and it's firmly secured in my favourite cocktail book. 

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 9.2 out of 10.

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