17 May 2016

Lush Men Wooden Box Gift Set

If like me, you're heavily into Lush and keep up to date with their releases, you'll know that it's normally only a matter of weeks before something new makes an appearance - whether it be in the Kitchen, in a seasonal collection or as a surprise one-off, limited edition must-have. Just when you think that your bank account is safe for a while, something pops up and destroys any hope of a respite, and its usually at the most inopportune times as well.

Obviously, there's a sensible part of me that is able to rationalise that I don't necessarily need to buy everything that Lush churn out, and I also recognise that it would be rather silly of me to bankrupt myself because of a handful of products that I've never tried before. However, when it came to the Lush Men Wooden Box Gift Set, there was just no way that I could let it pass me by.

Ever since I was given a wooden Lush box earlier in the year, I have been pining for Lush to bring out other sets with similar designs. I am near on obsessed with collecting boxes and using them as storage, and a sturdy, wooden version is taking this idea to the next level. 

Priced at £44.95, this limited edition release for fathers' day is by far the most expensive collection you could buy for the man in your life. I would go as far as to say that it isn't the most versatile collection of products on offer either. What I mean by this latter statement is that the handful of goodies inside wouldn't necessarily be the ones that a lot of people would choose to give their father, brother or partner.

Having said this, the products featured inside are definitely very versatile, diverse, and cover a good part of what a regular routine could look like for somebody using this set. With a mask, scrub, smoothie, deodorant and solid shampoo, not to mention a lonesome bath bomb, there is definitely enough here to keep anyone going for a good amount of weeks.

Featuring both the original Ocean Salt Scrub and Mask Of Magnanimity Face Mask, this gift set is not 100% vegan - an issue that I thought was going to prevent me from being able to invest in this collection in the first place. Luckily, my friend buys both of these items regularly, and was willing to chip in and take them off my hands. This meant that I got the wonderful box set and a handful of goodies I wouldn't normally own, without breaking 'vegan-edge' or sulking in the corner because I ain't able to get such a unique box set.

Alongside the two non-vegan products, this collection also boasts Five 'O Clock Whistle Shaving Smoothie, New Solid Shampoo Bar, Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream, The Greeenich Deodorant Powder and Guardians Of The Forest Bath Bomb. Together, they make up some of Lush's biggest sellers, while also offering new Lush customers an interesting and varied range of items to try out for themselves.

What is great about most of Lush's boxes, especially the wooden variation, is that they are reusable, and I'm sure most customers - male or female, would be able to find something to fill the box with afterwards, even if its more Lush stuff like I will be doing myself. The box itself is sturdy and well crafted - decorated with a latch to seal it in between uses, or to mask the hidden gems you choose to store in there afterwards.      

With the price of the items inside coming to roughly just over £30, you're paying a little over £10 for the privilege of the box. While I would dispute this with a normal collection, this extra investment is definitely worth the added cost with this one. My only piece of advice would be to purchase this in store if possible, and check the products inside when you do so. My bath bomb was completely smashed when I opened my box, and while I wasn't overly concerned, I did think that a recipient of such a gift might be slightly disappointed if they were to find green dust covering everything inside the box as I did.

Vegan?: No.

2016 Price: £44.95 each.


  1. I did not know this was wood ! O joy ! I so want this now .

  2. I did not know this was wood ! O joy ! I so want this now .

  3. hey jen, will you be reviewing the smugglers soul shampoo?

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