23 May 2016

Papa Bear Gift Set

While it's definitely not the case, my ego sometimes tries to convince me that Lush are intent on bringing out products that they know I'll want and need to buy. In a fictional world, I envisage meetings that start out like 'So what should we do to ensure that Jen will buy something alongside the individual products this time?'. Brief pause. 'What about making a wooden box to hold one of the gift sets in?'. 'Yes I love it, what else?' 'How about swapping a knot wrap for a thicker knot wrap-sort-of-thing and calling it a scarf?'. 'Perfect'.

The reality of the matter is that Lush are just sometimes a little too innovative for their own good - and while all of these unique cosmetics are exciting for Lush fans, I occasionally feel that the level of new releases doesn't bode well for someone who wants to experience it all. You'd have to be pretty well off to keep on top of everything that Lush bring out - I sometimes find myself tripping over my own tail when it comes to purchasing and reviewing new releases.

When I first noticed the Papa Bear Gift Set online, I was torn. On the one hand I thought I was being clever when I imported the Father's Day range from Spain; intent on not having to buy too much when it came out over here. On the other hand, I was excited to be able to experience the intrigue and excitement of the seasonal release by having a couple of gift sets to try and review.

Upon arrival, I was shocked to find that the gift set was a lot smaller than I had imagined it would be. As far as size goes, it would compare to the boxes that the £8-£10 sets come in - not what I was expecting at all for a £30+ gift set. However, what you have to realise is that the scarf is the key feature in this collection, and almost overshadows the products that come with it. 

Featuring Smuggler's Soul Solid Shampoo Bar, Thanks Dad Soap, and a 50g tub of both Smuggler's Soul Facial Scrub and Smuggler's Soul Multi Purpose Cream, the worth of the products themselves equate to roughly £24, which means that you're paying £10 for the scarf and the privilege of having it all wrapped together and ready to present as a gift.

The scarf itself is definitely very beautiful, although perhaps it's not the best time of year to be offering winter-wear. And while the material is far superior to the usual knot wraps, I'm not quite convinced that it's really worth the money I paid to have the privilege of owning one. Having said that, I do think the scarf is very quirky and unique, and I will definitely be wearing this later in the year, to make the most out of my purchase.

Unfortunately, this product is not vegan as the solid shampoo bar contains lanolin, so while it offers someone the chance to try all of the non-bath items that are part of this years Fathers' Day range, it's not exactly vegan friendly.

Overall, this is definitely something very different to anything that Lush have brought out before, and I am glad that some of their gift sets are as innovate and as unique as the two that have come out with this seasonal range. I only wish the scarf was a little bigger and that there was a fifth item to make it seem better value for money. 

Vegan?: No.

2016 Price: £33.95 each.

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  1. Ah, this scarf is definitely inspired by Rupert Bear. So cute!