12 September 2017

Eskimo Bubble Bar

Products come and products go and there are few that really make an impression on me enough to want to use them across three consecutive baths. However, when it comes to this brand new limited edition bubble bar, I could quite happily use this every single day, and I don't think I would ever get bored of doing so.

Eskimo is a silent assassin - sneaking into the Oxford Street store as an exclusive, before branching out to selected stores across the U.K a matter of days later. Rumoured to be a Christmas pre-release before the season had begun, this adorable product shares its scent with Christingle, and is everything a fan of the body conditioner could possibly hope for. 

Containing peppermint, spearmint and grapefruit oil, this is a Bubble Bar for those who are looking for something refreshing and cooling. While initially it may, on paper, sound more like a bubble bar you'd benefit from using in the summer months, I can assure you that this Christmas exclusive is the perfect 'wake up' remedy for the colder months as well.

Much like the conditioner, it is the minty element that hits your senses first. Both the peppermint and the spearmint offer a crisp, refreshing journey that not only stays with you for the entire bath, but also offers a cooling effect on the skin when you're in the water. Those with chronic illnesses or muscle conditions will find that the sensation this offers will help to relax and soothe aches and pains; people who work very physically-demanding jobs, or those who exercise quite regularly, will discover that this bubble bar eases away that tension and almost massages away the soreness that can present itself after a workout. 

Your entire body will feel so crisp and clean after using one of these; and even after climbing out of a steaming-hot bath, you'll feel a little like you've had a bucket of ice cold water thrown over your head. While this may sound like the worst experience in the world to those who take comfort from the heat of a good soak, I love how much it helps to clear the mind and bring about clarity, and this would definitely be a product I use after an unsatisfactory night's sleep. 

As if its icy powers weren't enough to entice you already, there is also the fact that Eskimo offers a stunning shade of blue in the bath tub, as well as being one of the most moisturising bubble bars I have used in a while. My skin was left feeling so smooth and soft after bathing with one of these, that I didn't need to apply body lotion afterwards, which is a rarity for me.

While I am a greedy minx who likes to over indulge and use the whole product in one single sitting, this bubble bar could easily see you across 3-4 equally wonderful baths. It's super soft when crumbling so wouldn't be difficult to divide this into multiple pieces, and I think along with a Snowdrops Bath Bomb or a Thundersnow, would make for a stunning winter-themed soak.

Overall, I really wish this product had been chosen to feature as a because I think it is almost criminal that only certain Lush fans will be able to get their hands on this limited edition. As the Lush Kitchen is currently closed, I can't imagine this appearing anywhere else aside from the selected branches. For this reason, if you can sweet-talk someone into getting you some before they disappear  I highly suggest that you do. You will not be disappointed.

Quantitative Ingredients:

Vegan?: Yes.

2017 Price: £4.25 each. 

Year Of Original Release: 2017

Scent Family:
Christingle Body Conditioner
Christingle Naked Body Conditioner
Eskimo Bubble Bar

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