25 May 2018

31 States Bath Bomb

Earlier this year, Lush did something that always causes my stomach form a knot inside when they do: release a limited edition bath bomb outside of the UK, with no plans to bring it over for consumers in their home country. As a collector, and someone who likes to try and review everything that the company have to offer, this was a real problem for me. That was until a couple of wonderful Lush fans agreed to send me a handful over to try, and my pulse was able to revert back to a normal rate.

31 States Bath Bomb is a political statement: a product designed to raise money and awareness for the fact that 31 States within the US still have the death penalty in place. Not only did Lush want to make the world aware of this fact, but 100% of the profits made from selling this limited edition would also go to to organizations like Witness to Innocence, Death Penalty Focus, and the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty - in the hope that something is done about the current state of affairs. 

While it’s not been mentioned by many people, this bath bomb shares its scent with Cyanide Pill. Sporting near on identical ingredients lists, this peach-coloured special contains almond, rosewood and lemon oils as key ingredients. 

The former component is definitely the strongest note in the mix - offering a sweet, warming nuttiness that reminds me of freshly rolled marzipan, sprinkled with icing sugar. The inclusion of the lemon oil adds a delicate fruitless, that would almost be overlooked if it wasn’t listed in the ingredients list. Finally, the rosewood adds a warming, sweet wordiness - that rests behind the almond like a fragrant fluffy pillow. This is such a gentle but equally well-rounded aroma, and one that I would happy to enjoy time and time again.

In the water, the bath bomb begins to fizz gently, sending out beautiful waves of pastel peach colour that stretch across the surface and turns the water into a comforting blanket of colour and smell. While it’s not very exciting to watch, the smell is very much present in the tub, and this stays that way throughout the whole experience.

An alternative to lavender and frankincense, the scent of 31 States will calm you down and leave you feeling super relaxed. After using one of these, I found that I got a much-needed eight hours sleep, which is a rarity in my line of work. Furthermore, the aroma (although rather creamy and subtle) lingers on your skin after you’ve towelled yourself down, and stays with you for a good hour afterwards. 

What I really appreciated about this limited edition bath bomb was that it left my skin feeling really smooth and soft, and there was something about the way the water felt that made my skin feel really nourished and moisturised earlier. After applying a thin layer of body lotion, I was left with skin that felt sun-kissed and well-loved, and it elevated my mood very much.

While it’s not much to look at, and the premise behind the campaign was somewhat negative, 31 States is a great addition to the Lush Bath Bomb family, and certainly helps those out who were unable to grab the Hand Of Friendship Soap, or the Cyanide Pill Ballistic that is on offer in some places. I am very grateful that I was able to try this out for myself, and only ask that Lush make these release worldwide so that we can all enjoy a new reaction, whilst being educated on the vital events happening around us at the same time.

Quantitative Ingredients:?

Vegan?: Yes.

2017 Price: $6.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2017.

Scent Family: 
Cyanide Liquid Perfume

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