3 June 2018

Honey I Washed The Kids Body Spray

As Lush have so many different fragrances, I often get caught up with the most recent ones, or the ones featured in the limited edition ranges on offer. This means that some of my all time favourite smells often get forgotten about until a new product rekindles my love for the scent - something that happened tenfold upon sniffing Honey I Washed The Kids Body Spray for the first time. 

As I have said many a time, shower gels and perfumes are my most favourite format, and after selling my HIwTK liquid perfume to raise money for my travelling, I did miss being able to spray myself with a fragrance so decadently rich and beautiful. Almost as if they read my mind, the release of the body spray was an opportunity for me to experience the rich and very exquisite smell once again, albeit in a format that would outlast a 30ml bottle of perfume any day.

And what can I say without gushing profusely? Very little, so I’ll just go ahead and state that this body spray is easily one of the company’s most successful releases to date. It’s an example of a perfect replica in every way and is easily one of, if not THE number one product with this scent. Yes, it’s that good. 

In all fairness, this body spray is almost identical to the liquid perfume - offering a beautifully sweet, buttery toffee-esque aroma that gets your mouth watering and your senses tingling from the get go. This spray smells like all of the above elements have been melted together into a large pot and turned into a dessert syrup, with a note of orange threaded throughout to give a uniquely fruity top note. 

You only have to spray this on your skin once for the body spray to come alive and flood your senses with a beautifully bright and uplifting aroma. There's a note of sugary, sticky toffee laced with a sweet, fruity orange top note. As the perfume dampens slightly, the buttery vanilla absolute comes through on your skin and gives a wonderful honeyed, caramel scent. It's decadent yet very youthful at the same time. 

What makes this body spray work so well is that it’s just as intense as the perfume but the format gives it much more space to breathe as it’s being sprayed, and this works in its favour when it’s on the skin. I was blown away by how strong it was on the skin, yet it wasn’t at all overwhelming despite how sickly sweet it can be in other formats. HIWTK Body Spray lingers on your skin and clothes all day: I could still smell it some twelve hours after initial application as well as the next morning on my bed sheets and pillow. This is a fragment that wants to stick around, and stick around it does.

You only need to spray it on one wrist and then transfer to the other, or use a single squirt on your clothes to reap the benefits across the whole day. While the scent does have many layers to it, I found that this one tends to offer a single note when it’s on your skin. This would normally be to the detriment of a fragrance as I like to experience a journey with my perfumes. However, this one is so lovely that every wave of scent you experience is a blessing.

If you love this scent family, you’ll no doubt fall in love with this body spray straight away, and may need to grab a couple of bottles until it next makes an appearance. Having said that, you need only spray it once with each use so a single bottle will last you much longer than many of the other perfumes/body sprays. 

My only qualms with Honey I Washed The Kids is that I have to be in the mood to use this scent. In stifling hot weather, this may be rather cloying on the senses and appear too heavy. This is perhaps the very reason that I live in London, as the prospect of having too many hot days is unlikely so I can enjoy wearing this regularly.  

Quantitative Ingredients: DRF Alcohol, Water (Aqua), Perfume, Glycerine, Bergamot Oil, Brazilian Orange Oil, Amyl Cinnamal, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, *Limonene, *Linalool.

Vegan?: Yes.

2018 Price: £15 for 200ml. 

Year Of Original Release: 2018.

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