12 June 2018

Saucy Snowcake Soap

Snowcake has a seasonal ticket that sees its return near on every Christmas time. While other products come and go, there is something about this soap that draws the crowds back each and every year. Yet bored of the design it has sported every year, Lush have spent the last two years releasing it in a new guise, unfortunately to little praise.

Renamed Saucy Snowcake for the 2017 range, this most recent rendition was cleverly crafted to look like a rather yummy dessert, with three distinct layers that being something different to the soap. A crunchy bottom layer is made from ground cashew nuts, to exfoliate your skin gently while you’re lathering it across your skin; a middle layer of creamy goodness is what creates the thick, fragrant foam that you use to clean yourself with; and a fruity top layer containing fresh cranberries to cleanse your pores and give your winter-kissed skin an all important burst of antioxidants.

It didn’t take me very long to recognise that this version does smell different from older renditions. Snowcake is known for its warm and very creamy almond aroma, laced with a sweet layer of benzoin resinoid to add extra richness and depth. While Saucy Snowcake has all of these traits as well, there is definitely an extra level of fruitiness that sets it apart from its older siblings. The cranberries give the soap a delicate, refreshing and slightly tart twist that sets it apart from the rest, and perhaps takes away a little of the thickness of the original scent. I can understand why avid fans of the soap may be a little disappointed with this change, as it is noticeable and does change the dynamics of the fragrance.

2017 also saw Lush update their soap formulas so that all of the seasonal range possessed their new gourmet bases. Saucy Snowcake had a combination of soya milk and a clove infusion as part of its base, so as expected it produced a much creamier and noticeably thicker lather in the shower. This new formula is also supposed to be more moisturising on the skin, and I did notice that my hands didn’t feel as dry after using this in the shower. While it is still not as nourishing as a Shower Gel or jelly, it did leave my skin feeling smooth and soft, and there was a radiance that I put down to the inclusion of the cranberries.

After using this in the shower, I found that the scent was potent enough to linger around for a while, and I could still smell it on my skin a couple of hours later, which was lovely. The inclusion of the cashew nuts for exfoliation was definitely an added bonus for me, and I could feel the difference this made to my skin as well.

Disappointingly, I found that the life span of this soap has definitely been shortened since the formula change. Normally I would expect a 100g piece to remain in my shower for a good couple of months, with daily use. However, I found that my piece didn’t last any longer than 6 weeks, which makes it more expensive then one of Lush’s naked shower gels.

Overall, I like this rendition quite a lot and I don’t think the added layer of cranberries took away from the exquisite fragrance that Snowcake lovers love and cherish. However, I wasn’t blown away enough to want to invest in another piece. I’m definitely interested in seeing how this soap is redesigned for the up-and-coming 2018 Christmas range.

Quantitative Ingredients: ?

Vegan?: Yes.

2017 Price: £4.50 for 100g.

Year Of Original Release: 2017.

Scent Family:

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