27 April 2019

Argan Dragon Shower Oil (2019 Version)

There's always a small part of me that wonders why Lush occasionally changes the fragrance of something, even when it seems as if the original product was popular enough to begin with. Not that I'm complaining, as this particular scent swap is a welcome alteration, but I'd love to know the motivation behind some of these changes.

Argan Dragon was first released at the Showcase event last year, and was one of many brand new shower oils to make themselves known to the community. A fairly new concept at the time, many fans were simply excited that the product happened to sport the Snow Fairy fragrance, and for this reason alone, it proved to be one of the most popular naked oils from the collection.

Fast forward to 2019 and Argan Dragon made a reappearance; this time offering fans of the Happy Bloomin' fragrance another product to enjoy in this scent family. Yet despite its obvious change of smell, the shower oil itself still pertains many of the key features that the original shower oil did.

Lush have described this shower oil as being like the cosmetic version of a superfood, and it is. Packed full of beetroot juice, dragon fruit powder and poppy seeds, this limited edition reads like a smoothie, and possesses the properties to help the skin in the same way that a smoothie would support the body.

The inclusion of dragon fruit powder gives this block a big boost of antioxidants, which not works at making your skin healthier but helps your complexion appear uplifted and perkier. Dragon fruit is also known for being rich in vitamin C, so it helps to brighten the skin as well. Alongside this, beetroot juice is a rich source of iron, vitamins and minerals that not only supports healthy skin but helps to add a wonderful glow to your complexion as well. 

Argan Dragon also contains poppy seeds, which you can see under the surface of the product itself. These beauties soothe the skin and and calm any itchiness that you may have from rashes or irritations. The seeds are also known to act as an effective painkiller by relieving the pain caused by skin inflammation. While I don't think there are enough present in this block to do much in the way of this, it cannot not help those with skin that need a little tender loving care.

Unlike the original, this updated product now contains peach kernel oil which helps to deliver the wonderful cherry-scented fragrance that the shower oil offers. Super sweet and very fruity, the Happy Bloomin' scent is in full force here; like the glazed cherry topping on a cheesecake; or as I have said in previous reviews, like the smell of Cherry Drops. It's rich and very sultry to my nose: far more like a decadent dessert than a weak, synthetic cherry smell that you sometimes get with cheaper cosmetics.

How to use a shower oil is down to personal preference, although I have tried a few variations and have discovered the way that works best for me. Much like a body butter, I tend to find that these beauties work better at the end of your shower/bath, when your skin is clean and ready to be moisturised.

Ensure your skin is damp and then step out of the way of the running water. Massage the bar gently, in a circular motion, across the areas of your body that you wish to moisturise. Try not to apply too much pressure as the shower oils are very generous, and I just feel that you'd coat your skin with too much oil and use up the block far quicker this way.

What you will find is that the shower oils will leave a light layer of oils on your skin, which you can then use you hands to massage even deeper into your skin. Unlike a body butter or a body conditioner, the oils are not at all greasy, nor do they feel at all heavy. Instead, it feels and looks as if you've applied a little baby oil to your skin.

This new version of Argan Dragon worked on par with the original: acting very generous on my skin, and melting with ease to create a gentle coating of oils and butters that I was able to massage across my body. My skin felt instantly nourished and looked and felt soft and moisturised for the rest of the day. Not only that but the scent remained very much present on my skin for a good couple of hours after application, and more than anything, it made me wish there was a body spray to match.

There's a reason why this particular product was one of the first to sell out from the Lush Labs. It offers a wonderfully nourishing experience; is great value for money and outlasts that of a tub of body lotion; stores really easily between uses because it dries super quickly; and leaves a wonderful fragrance on your skin for you to enjoy throughout the day. Simply beautiful!

Quantitative Ingredients: Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cupuaçu Butter, Argan Oil, Sunflower Wax, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Peach Kernel Oil, Perfume, Beetroot Juice Powder, Poppy Seeds, Ylang Ylang Oil, Almond essential oil, Benzoin Resinoid, Dragon Fruit Powder, Titanium Dioxide, Hexyl Cinnamal.

Vegan?: Yes.

2019 Price: £4.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2019.


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