19 April 2019

Sea Salt Giant Bombshell

I'm always a little dubious when it comes to Lush's bombshells because as well as being hefty in size, they're also rather hefty in price. £14.95 is not a luxury that many people have to spend on a single bath, so when I do use one of these beauties, I expect a lot more from it than what my regular bath bomb would do. 

Although Sea Salt Giant Bombshell excited me in some ways, the fragrance description didn't exactly have me leaping for joy. What appears to be almost identical in scent to that of The Birth Of Venus, this vivid blue bombshell contains a collaboration of chamomile, lavender, olibanum and myrrh. Together these components created a fragrance that while I appreciated, didn't exactly blow me away.

What I will say is that the smell of this is very gentle, with notes of both the lavender and chamomile coming through to create a soothing blend of herbal and floral. These two ingredients create a very calming, pretty scent that helps you to unwind when you're in the bath. There's really nothing about this aroma that will be offensive to anybody, as it's so delicate and naturally sweet.

Alongside this, the olibanum adds a woody note - which grounds the fragrance and gives it more depth and complexity - and a gentle spicy tickle from the myrrh to add a little warmth at the end. If you're looking for a smell that will help you to unwind before you go to bed, this one will do the job. However, if you're somebody that likes something with a bit more intensity and character, Sea Salt Giant Bombshell might be a little underwhelming for your senses.

Having said that, this brand new release works absolute magic in the water. Firstly, the bath bomb fizzles away to reveal a huge handful of sea salt in the middle. Not only does this salt glisten and crackle lightly as it dissolves into the water, but the softness of the water is evidence of just how beneficial sea salt can be on the skin. 

When I left the tub and towelled myself down, I found that the condition of my skin had noticeably improved. My hands and feet were baby soft and felt incredibly silky-smooth; my face appeared more radiant and felt beautiful to the touch. The blisters on my hands, from training weights at the gym, were softer and less rough to the touch, and I probably could have gone without using a hand cream that day and not regretted my choice in doing so. Not only that but the rich, lagoon-style shade of blue that the water turned was simply stunning, and made me realise how much I love blue bath bombs in general..

While I described the scent as being gentle, that's not to say that the scent of this didn't stay in the bath tub throughout my whole experience. And while I cannot say whether or not the fragrance lingered on the skin afterwards, this could well have been due to the numerous other strong-scented products I used alongside this one. What I will say is that I was able to smell elements of the bath bomb on my hair afterwards, albeit very delicately. 

Although I would probably not buy this bath bomb again, this is mostly due to the price tag more than anything else. Having said that, I do love the fact that some of the money from this bath bomb is goes on paying for the Lebanese sea salt that is used, which in turn is helping to raise money to protect a habitat that is crucial to birds and local ecosystems. Environmentally friendly is always a bonus in my opinion.

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Coarse Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Fine Sea Salt, Chamomile Blue Oil, Lavender Absolute, Olibanum Oil, Myrrh Resinoid, Cornstarch, Water (Aqua), Dipropylene Glycol, *Limonene, *Linalool, Perfume, Colour 42090:2, Colour 59040.

Vegan?: Yes.

2019 Price: £14.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2019.

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