25 May 2015

Damaged Hot Oil Treatment

If I was to create a physical representation of my relationship with my hair, it would probably involve someone throwing another person in front of a speeding train before dragging them to safety with only a matter of seconds to go. While the condition of my hair has improved dramatically since I switched to Lush's range of shampoos and conditioners, my locks still hold a grudge due to the fact that I continue to dye my hair on a monthly basis.

While I have been relying upon Jasmine And Henna Fluff-Eaze to revamp my hair from time-to-time, and the occasion tub of The Strokes if I can get my greedy mitts on some, I couldn't wait to try out the range of solid hot oil hair treatments that Lush brought out in the Oxford Street store very recently.

Damaged Hot Hair Treatment is one of three new treatments available from the flagship store, and one of two that happen to be vegan. Drawn to this one because of its name, I was excited to not only discover how incredible my hair would look and feel after using this, but also to enjoy the process by which you have to go down in order to use this product in your hair. 
Presented as a 20g solid hexagonal clump on a stick, this product doesn't look all that exciting. While it smells rather lovely thanks to the inclusion of vanilla absolute, for the price you pay it doesn't initially seem like you get a lot of product for your money. However, once you have melted it down to utilise on your locks, you'll discover as I did, that you get more than enough for one, possibly two extensive treatments.

In the instructions, Lush suggest that you place this in either a mug or in one of their own black pots. Being the rebel that I was, I did neither - instead opting to melt my treatment down in a ceramic bowl which I later regretted. What I discovered afterwards, was that it's a lot more conducive to use a pot as was suggested. This makes it far easier to store the leftover gel without having to transfer it from one place to another. Doh! 
Simply boil the kettle and pour a little water over the treatment - stirring as you go to help stimulate the solid oils and help to melt them down into a liquid form. You need to ensure that you take your time - adding only a small amount of water until it has completely melted and you are left with a thick, creamy treatment to apply to your hair. 

In total, you're probably going to need about 200ml of water. However, I wouldn't recommend that you add it all in at once. I found that Damaged took a good 5-10 minutes to fully dissolve, and sometimes it didn't seem like it was going to shrink without the addition of a little more heat. If I'd added all of the water in at once, I can imagine that it would have cooled too quickly and not stimulated the rest of the treatment to melt.  

Once the product has been completely dissolved, you need to apply it generously across your whole head of hair and leave for a good 20-30 minutes. This allows time for the hair to absorb the oils and replenish any moisture it may be lacking - leaving you with soft, shiny and beautiful looking hair.
Although I have shoulder-length locks, my hair isn't particularly thick so I found that I only needed half of the treatment to cover my whole head. I stored the other half in the fridge and was then able to use this a week later - extending the life of this product and making it better value for money.

After washing the treatment out, Lush recommends that you shampoo your hair, just to remove any excess moisture that may linger behind and leave your hair greasy. After doing this and then allowing my locks to dry naturally, I was amazed to discover that my hair felt incredible. Not only did it feel soft, gentle and well-nourished, but my split ends seemed noticeably smoother and my natural highlights were much more pronounced.

Damaged has really cemented itself as a personal favourite - a treatment that I'll use regularly to ensure that my hair stays in tip-top condition at all times. Although the price tag might initially put people off, I think it is very reasonable given that you'll get either one or two uses out of it, and it's not something you need to use all the time. Once every 4-6 weeks is more than enough to revamp and moisture your hair to ensure that your locks are in the best condition they can be.

Quantitative Ingredients: Cetearyl Alcohol & Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute (Vanilla planifolia), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Olea europaea), Guar Gum (Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride), Sodium Bicarbonate, Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis), Organic Avocado Oil (Persea gratissima), Perfume, Citric Acid. 

Vegan?: Yes. 

2015 Price: £6.50 each.
2017 Price: £6.50 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2015. 


  1. I need this in my life!
    Thank you so much for all these lush oxford street reviews :)

  2. I love these LUSH hair treatment but the washing is really too hard! I can't remove all of the product over my hair after FOUR shampoo! >_<
    Do you have the same problem too? Any suggestion? Pleeease! ;-(

    1. Wow - How much of the product do you use at any one time? I tend to only use half of it, or sometimes only a third! Also, how long do you leave it on for?

    2. Half of it me too. I should use only a third.. I leave it on for 30 minutes but it tend to solidify on my hair..maybe, I should leave it on for fifteen minutes.. :-|

  3. This did work on me however i do have a few points :
    1) It was really difficult for me to get this out of my hair, three shampoos and it still felt greasy.
    2) i also kept it for a second treatment, however i thought i would reheat it by placing the black pot in a bowl of boiling water - this didn’t work. So i had to add more water and it became elasticated, it was pulling off of the pot and forming a weird gelatinous lump.
    SO.. i would suggest cutting the original in half, saving half and just using a spoon to stir it into hot water.

  4. I get 4 uses out of it! I have long but very fine hair, even a half of this was too much for my whole head - I put the other melted half in the fridge and hope I can re-use it. For the next time I know that I only need a quarter of the whole thing.

  5. Superbly written article, if only all bloggers offered the same content as you, the internet would be a far better place..

  6. thank you so much for this review/step by step article.. i bought this treatment a few months ago and hadn't used it because i was afraid i would screw up! can't believe it was this easy. but you helped a lot. thanks again!! wonderful!!!

    1. I am so glad this helped and I hope that the product worked wonders on your hair :)

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