11 May 2015

Sunflower Soap

Most of my readers are probably now aware that I am not normally overly fussed by any of the soaps that Lush choose to release - whether they're brand new offerings or limited edition glimpses into the vaults of the company's past. Whether it's the composition of the base ingredients that Lush choose to use or simply my skin's preference to the liquid formats, most of the soaps I end up purchasing never break above the four-mark rating - with many scoring a disappointing three. 

Sunflower Soap is one of those underdogs that appears from nowhere and pulls the rug out from under your feet. While it's a very pretty looking soap, it's definitely not one that you would expect to be anything but average - let alone one that ends up cementing itself as one of the best soaps to come from Lush. Full-stop.   

Released in Japan's Lush Kitchen recently, this is a product that seems to have slipped under the radar in favour of the other more exciting bath bombs and shower gels that take precedence in the Lush community. Unfortunately, this is rather disappointing as this soap was initially created with the very core values that Lush are known and praised for across the globe. 

Much like their regular Charity Pot, Sunflower Soap was produced in response to the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake - with 100% of the profits from every bar being donated to aid the reconstruction and assistance of the lives of all those who were affected by the disaster. As the website reads: 'For those who begin a new life in a difficult situation, this sunflower soap has been made from the language of the flowers to 'make you happy' and leave you in 'full bloom smile'. 

Containing an impressive array of citrus oils - orange, mandarin and lime, not to mention orange peel, this soap offers a wonderfully uplifting and refreshing fragrance - not one I was initially expecting based on the product description alone. While it's not a pungent aroma, it's strong enough to offer a light burst of fruitiness in your shower - with the cinnamon oil adding just a subtle burst of heat to the mix and helping to elevate and thicken the other citrus notes. 

While it's not mentioned on the website, this soap shares its scent with Almond Buttercream - offering users a light, buttery experience that has the gentle smell of chocolate orange intertwined with a subtle, vanillary nuttiness to round it off. Reiterating from my review of the aforementioned product, you'll be hard-pressed not to want to eat this soap - it's incredible. 

As if the scent wasn't enough to sell it to you, the soap goes on to produce a thick, creamy lather that cleans and softens your skin, leaving a wonderfully comforting aroma that lingers on your body and hair for many hours after use. I was amazed at how many comments were made about the 'perfume' I was wearing after using this soap, which leads me to believe that Lush need to bring out a body lotion in this scent. 
Despite its seemingly soft consistency, Sunflower can withstand a lot of uses without shrinking all that much. My 100g block lasted me a good 4-5 weeks with daily uses and I could have probably stretched it out a little longer if I hadn't spent my time sniffing it in the shower when I should have been getting ready for work.

Although this is a fairly unheard of product from Lush, I truly believe that this would be a great addition to their regular array of soaps. It offers something fruity for those who like their citrus scents, but also something creamy and highly moisturising for those who like foody-type smells. 

This is a product I would buy again - not only because of the story behind its creation, but because it has now cemented itself as one of my favourite Lush soaps. 

Quantitive Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Stearic Acid, Lauryl Sulfate, Perfume, Sweet Orange Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Mandarin Oil, Orange Peel, Lime Oil, Sunflower Seed, Titanium Oxide, Gardenia Extract, Red 504.

Vegan?: Yes. 

2015 Price: £4.10 per 100g. 

Year Of Original Release: ?

Scent Family: 


  1. Ahhhh I'm so glad you love it! Worth the effort for sure! I really hope they bring it to the UK kitchen and make more stuff with the same scent! I would love a lotion to layer the fragrance :)

  2. Hi Jen! I have combination skin and I am prone to break outs. What lush skin care products would you recommend? (Facemasks, cleansers, moisturises etc)

  3. This soap might be released in March, 2011. After the earthquake in Tohuku, Japan. Sunflower can absorb the radioactive Cesium, so sunflowers have been planted in disaster area nearby Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.