1 February 2013

Reformulated Rose Jam Bubbleroon

I never thought I'd say this but the Rose Jam Bubble Bar is probably one of my all time favourite Lush products. It's not one of the better looking bars and it doesn't proclaim to be anything more than a simple bath product. However, sometimes it's the quiet ones that sit at the back unnoticed and have the most to offer. And this is definitely the case with the Rose Jam bubbleroon.

Old Design (Pre April 2015)
Admittedly, before I was able to write this review, I had to do a little research and find out what a 'Bubbleroon' actually was, and whether there was a difference between that and a bubble bar. After trawling through many blogs and websites, I discovered that it was named as such because of its similarity to the much loved macaroon. The bubbleroon looks like the cosmetic version of the famous cookie - with the two halves of the bubble bar cemented together with a creamy filling of coconut oil. Sounds good enough to eat, right?

Yet, the bubbleroon is not just a pretty face. With lemon to bring clarity and alertness and rose to lift the spirits, this bubble bar is an all-round fantastic product - one that has a gorgeously sticky-sweet and rather jammy rose aroma with a touch of citrus to elevate the floral element. To round it off, the geranium oil balances the skin, whilst the coconut oil and shea butter leaves you feeling smooth to the touch and beautifully fragrant.

I will admit that I'm fairly greedy when it comes to my Lush products so I tend to use a whole 'roon at a time. However, for those with a more conservative bank balance, this bubble bar is great value for money as you can break it in half and use it at two separate occasions. 

Much like a bubble bar, you can use this in a manner of ways. Firstly, you can either crumble this under the running tap or place some inside a sieve and hold this under the water. All of Lush's bubbleroons are really soft and easily to crumble so this is really easy to do and you'll end up with a bath full of fluffy bubbles to enjoy. You can also crumble the bar first, scattering it across the base of the tub before running the water. 

Either way, this product will offer up a gorgeous pastel pink coloured bath with an abundance of bubbles and a fragrance to salivate over. Furthermore, after using this my skin felt super soft and moisturised, and the smell lingered on my skin for the rest of the day. If like me, you're lucky enough to own a bottle of the same-scented perfume, you can top up the smell with some of this. However, if you don't have this luxury perfume, the aroma stays with you for a good few hours after you have towelled yourself down so you can enjoy it for a little longer than some bath products. 

While this is not my favourite bubbleroon, it's definitely one of my favourite regular bath products, and one that I always have to have in the house. Fans of floral smells will no doubt love this because of the wonderful sweet, floral scent that accompanies it; those who dislike flowery smells might still appreciate this as there is a sugary, jammy element to it that prevents it from being a typical floral smell.

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Lauryl Betaine, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Perfume, Rose Absolute, Geranium Oil, Rose Oil, Lemon Oil, Cocamide DEA, PEG-6 Caprylic / Capric Glycerides, Titanium Dioxide, Colour 17200

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £3.65 each.
2016 Price: £3.75 each.

Scent Family: 
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  1. Why dont you crumble it under running water? You get so many more bubbles...

  2. Thanks for the advice Anon - I tried this tonight and I was amazed how many more bubbles I got from it!

  3. Hi Jen! I also found that you don't get many bubbles from this bar! The thing that persuaded me into buying this though was the gorgeous smell! It's divine! Also have you tried the 'Yuzuband cocoa bubbleroon'? I was just wondering on your thoughts on it as I haven't tried it and wondering if it's any good!xxx:-)

    1. It is a wonderful product and does smell incredible! I happen to actually prefer Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon - It's one of my favourite bath products - I would thoroughly recommend that you try it :)

  4. Ok thank you! I will get it next time I visit!xx:-)

  5. Hi there Jen! Just this Friday, I got to take my 7 year old sister to Disney on Ice, and naturally, I took her into Lush. We both love so many products, the Comforter Bubble bar, Sweetie Pie, Mother Superior, Honey I washed the Kids Shower gel, Curly Wurly, American Cream, Jumping Juniper, Twilight shower gel and bath bomb, fair trade foot lotion, and even Yummy Mummy shower gel (many of those we took the plunge on thanks to you). I took her into Lush, and gave her free reign of the store to buy anything she wanted (except whoosh, which has been banned from our house due to being so strong smelling it gives our mum a headache), and this was what she picked! She just tried it tonight, and she absolutely adored it! I was initially skeptical, and then remembered you loved it, and I'm so pleased she loved it too!
    Thanks Jen!

  6. Hey Jen! I love your blog. Will you be reviewing the updated version of the rose jam?

  7. "After trawling through many blogs and websites, I discovered that it was named as such because of its similarity to the much loved macaroon."

    It looks similar to a macaron, not a macaroon.