1 October 2018

Black Rose Bath Bomb

I'm going to be honest and say that when I first heard about the new 'bath' store opening up in Japan later on in the year, I wasn't particular excited about the 89 exclusive bath bombs I wouldn't be able to get my hands on. To be honest, I've never understood why the company make products so difficult to get for the long term Lushies that they know want to experience everything they have to offer.

For this reason, I was completely floored when I was given the opportunity to try out the seven exclusives that were featured on display at the Lush Showcase earlier in September. To say that the selection was vast, and the presentation was outstanding is the understatement of the highest proportions. These bath bombs are simply stunning. 

Up first we have what would easily be deemed as the favourite for a lot of the community, if it was to be released commercially: Black Rose Bath Bomb. This exquisite beauty is inspired by the deep love Jack Constantine feels for his wife: the fragrance chosen because it is her favourite Lush scent; the design modelled on her love for all things black. The epitome of heart-warming: the only downside to learning about this one was the knowledge that my partner was very unlikely to aspire to do the same for. Who says romance is dead?

Sharing its scent with the Rose Jam family, this gorgeous specimen gives off a super strong note of powdery rose, which is both musky and naturally sweet at the same time. Alongside this, a generous helping of lemon oil gives the fragrance uplifting qualities, whilst also adding a gentle fruitiness underneath. For those that have experienced the Rose Jam scent before, this is easily one of the best formats I have come across. If you love the recent Body Spray, the smell of this mimics that more so than any of the other Rose Jam scented bath products I have tried in the past.

As if the fragrance wasn't delicious already, the design is out of the world. Carved into a black rose, and with a gentle dust of silver lustre to make the bath bomb shimmer in the light, this wonderful exclusive has been hand painted with a touch of silvery pink coloured cocoa butter for a moisturising finish. 

In the water, this one is a slow dissolver, and one you can lay back and relax whilst watching it pattern the surface with delicious streaks of pink and cloudy white. What I loved about Black Rose was the fact that it was super quiet in the water. So despite the alarming shade of deep black that the water turned into very quickly, the experience was super calm and slightly mesmerising if I'm honest.

As the bath bomb floats on the surface, the water becomes darker and darker in colour, and that's when you begin to notice the shimmer of silver lustre as it pulsates and swirls around you. While none of this glitter leaves an impression on the skin, there is a lot in the water, and you do need to wash it away afterwards, otherwise it will stain your bath for certain.

What impressed me the most was how strong the fragrance was in the tub. I could smell this above anything else that I used at the same time, and my bathroom still offered me whiffs of the scent the next day. My skin and hair was also saturated with the aroma, and I didn't need to apply a perfume afterwards because it was strong enough to replicate one by itself.

In addition, the water was super nourishing on the skin, and I could feel the effect of the bath bomb within minutes of submerging myself under the water. If this was to be released as a regular item, it would easily become a top seller within days, and I cannot imagine any Lush shop having many of these left at the end of the day.

Although I don't like the exclusivity of this bath bomb, I can also understand the meaning behind it, and why Jack may not wish to saturate the community by making this a regular release. There is something rather beautiful about the fact that there aren't many of these around, especially given that every one has been hand painted - quite possibly by the queen of hearts herself. 

While the price is rather expensive for a single bath bomb, I would by happy to invest in another one of these again, and I do believe that Lush fans should get at least one opportunity to try this at some point in the near future. Let's hope that the company share the love with this one, and allow fans the opportunity to try this exquisite product.    

Vegan?: Yes.

2018 Price: £6.95 each.

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