26 November 2014

13 Rabbits Bath Melt

Way back when I would spend an embarrassing amount of money on rare Lush goodies on eBay, I happened upon a bottle of something called 13 Rabbits Shower Gel. At the time, I didn't know anything about it other than the fact that it was like gold dust to find. So I snapped it up and waited to see what it would be like upon arrival. 

While the shower gel was rather runny and a little past it's best, it got me intrigued about the interesting concoction of chocolate and ginger - not a combination that I would usually be interested in, but something that I grew to appreciate after using the shower gel.

When Lush released 13 Rabbits Bath Melt in the kitchen, I knew the moment had come for me to re-live the strange but intriguing aroma. I couldn't wait to snap up a handful of these rare beauties and bathe in a tub of spicy, chocolately liquid gold. 

Made from a combination of four essential oils; walnut, peanut, ginger and clove bud, this bath melt is packed with enough moisturise to reenergise your skin and leave it feeling beautifully silky soft. Peanuts are known for being packed full of protein, and the inclusion of the oil in this product helps to heal and protect the skin; the ginger oil, aside from giving the melt a spicy kick, is an astringent and antiseptic ingredient that helps to relax, detox and cleanse your body and mind - using it's warming properties to aid circulation and heat up those frost-bitten body parts. 

13 Rabbits is also made from a base of cocoa butter, which is a powerhouse of an ingredient - known for improving the look and feel of your skin without stripping your body of it's natural oils. It reacts to the temperature of the water, melting and depositing a layer of oil that softens, moisturises and conditions the skin, leaving it feeling supple and smooth to the touch.

While the latter ingredient is most prominent in this product, it is the cocoa powder along with the ginger oil and cinnamon stick and clove infusion, that gives this bath melt it's unique and rather decadent fragrance. A first sniff reveals a slightly bitter chocolately scent - one that is immediately followed by a strong note of ginger. Although I would normally shy away from anything that has such a dominant ginger smell, this bath melt has a good balance of ingredients to stop the herb being too overwhelming. The cinnamon and clove infusion sit slightly behind the above two scents and compliment them nicely, while the peanut and walnut oils round the aroma off with a deliciously nutty fragrance. 

In the bath, the bath melt dissolves slowly - releasing waves of thick brown oils that float across the surface of the tub. It takes about two minutes for 13 Rabbits to melt completely, and what you are left with is a blanket of oils and butters to indulge yourself in. 

Unfortunately, before I had even tested one of these out, I knew that it wouldn't be scoring high for presentation in the bath. The product isn't the most exciting of colours to bathe in, and the puddles of brown that decorate the water and the edges of the tub, isn't all that attractive or appealing. However, once you are in and under the water, you'll appreciate how quickly the bath melt gets to work - softening and moisturising your skin and leaving you feeling really relaxed and pampered. 

While the bath melt did leave smears of oil up the side of the tub, these were very easy to wipe away and didn't stain the sides at all. Furthermore, the oils didn't taint my skin or leave me feeling at all dirty - something I was expecting it to do. Unfortunately, while it worked wonders on my skin, the scent didn't linger for long and within 20-30 minutes I could no longer detect it at all. 

Although I used an entire bar, I would say that this could easily be divided into two and used alongside a bubble bar or bath bomb to get more use out of it. Using something like Ma Bar or Butterball as well as 13 Rabbits would mean that you'd get all of the bath melt's healing properties, while getting something a little stronger in scent as well. 

Although I have given this a 4 out of 6, this is one of those products that was close to scraping a five. The only aspect of this that put me off awarding it higher, was the unappealing bath it created. Having said this, I am thankful for how amazing my skin felt after sharing a bath with the product and I urge you to try it out for yourself, if you get the chance. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Laureth 4, Walnut Oil, Peanut Oil, Cinnamon Stick and Clove Infusion, Perfume, Cocoa Powder, Ginger Oil, Clove Bud Oil, Eugenol.

Vegan?: Yes.

2014 Price: £3.95 each.
2015 Price: £3.95 each

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13 Rabbits Bath Melt
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  1. These are in the Kitchen today! :D

  2. Looks like someone had a horrible accident in the tub... :\