8 November 2014

Something Wicked Bath Melt

As I've mentioned in previous reviews, ginger is my least favourite scent. It is this very reason why I try to avoid any cosmetics that claim to showcase a strong or very defined ginger fragrance. This is why I wasn't particularly over-joyed to be using this bath melt - but as someone who has to try everything at least once, I went ahead nonetheless.

At first glance, everything about Something Wicked Bath Melt isn't quite right. Firstly, the gorgeous and rather playful deep purple colour doesn't match up with the smell it exudes. Then the strong, spicy and slightly sweet floral aroma isn't what you would expect from a product labelled as 'wicked'. It's a product that plays with your initial perceptions - and for once, it's actually surprisingly lovely.  

First released in 2005, this bath melt has being brought back in multiple retro releases, most recently making a reappearance in the Lush Kitchen as part of their Halloween range. Released as both a forum special body lotion and liquid perfume as well, it has quite a cult following and I can see why.

As with all of Lush's bath melts, Something Wicked's main purpose is to help moisturise and hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling wonderfully smooth and well-nourished. This bath melt contains a whole host of oils and butters alongside cocoa butter, all rich in antioxidants which help to heal and condition skin.

Almond oil is an unscented but highly nutritious oil with a high vitamin E content. When used in cosmetics, it helps to smoothen the skin and leave it feeling silky soft; ginger oil offers an astringent, antiseptic and warming scent that stimulates and soothes tired muscles. Alongside cocoa butter, which soothes itchy and irritated skin, this luxury bath melt is a powerhouse of ingredients. 

Packed full of ginger oil, jasmine and oakmoss absolute, this bath melt offers a comforting, sensual and slightly spicy experience. When it came to my old bar,  I could only detect a gentle gingery sweetness in the packet. However, my fresher ones offered me a much stronger, multi-layered fragrance. Once the bar was in action in the tub, a beautiful wave of fragrance came through that lasted for the entire bathing experience and made me feel very devilish indeed.

The ginger and jasmine have been combined perfectly so that neither take the centre stage. The slight heat from the ginger intertwines perfectly with the gentle floral aroma of the jasmine and creates a sensual, well-balanced and rather unique experience. As opposed to the rather pungent scent of Badass Shower Gel, this one is more luxurious and far more enjoyable. It's a sweeter yet slightly more complex aroma. 

When placed in hot water, the bath melt begins to melt slowly, dispersing essential oils across the surface and softening the water throughout. As you soak, these oils are moisturising and repairing your body, leaving your skin feeling velvety soft and refreshed. When you exit the bath, you can really feel how smooth and silky your skin is; I love the way that this melt makes my skin feel!

Something Wicked left me feeling relaxed and refreshed - my skin felt wonderfully moisturised and squeaky clean. The scent left a very gentle scent on my body, which didn't stay around for long, but this could have been to do with the age of the melt and not a product fault. While it's not one I would rush to invest in again, it did make for an enjoyable bath and fans of ginger-scents will no doubt find this far more pleasing than many of the other ginger fragrances that Lush have released over the years.

Quantitative Ingredients: Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Laureth 4, Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis), Perfume, Ginger Oil (Zingiber officinale), Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum officinale), Oakmoss Absolute (Evernia prunastri), Colour 77007, Colour 18050, Colour 61585.

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £4 for 30g.
2017 Price: £4.25 for 30g.

Scent Family:
Something Wicked Bath Melt
Something Wicked Body Lotion
Something Wicked Liquid Perfume


  1. Oh boy this looked so pretty as it melted! I remember wanting to try this years ago but I never ended up buying it.

    I'm unsure if I would like it to be honest, but it sure is pretty to look at. :D

  2. I wanted to love this but it's too sweet smelling and didn't do much for me :/ love the review tho :)

  3. I just got the new batch from 2017 and they smell NOTHING like the 2015 ones .. what the heck ? They r GROSS!!