11 November 2014

Christmas Angel Bath Bomb

For those of you who know Lush products well, you may be wondering why I am doing a separate review for this product, when it in fact shares it's scent with Lush's popular Haagen Bath Ballistic. Aside from the physical shape of the bath bomb, surely there aren't enough differences to write about here? Well, although I won't claim there's anything vastly different in comparison, there are a couple of factors that may sway Lush fans, should this ballistic make a reappearance any time soon.

Released many years back, Haagen Bath Ballistic has become a firm favourite amongst Lush fans around the world. With it's name taking homage from the popular brand of ice-cream - Haagendazs, this ballistic is a creamy, chocolately offering, almost good enough to eat. It has made regular appearances across the years, reaffirming it's popularity and attracting new fans each and every time.

In 2007, Lush took the wonderful fragrance of Haagen Bath and reinvented it for their limited edition Christmas range - thus Christmas Angel was born. This ballistic claims to share the same characteristics, ingredients and scent as it's older brother, with just a new design to match the festivity of Christmas. These I managed to pick up at Lush's old Covent Garden store, back in December 2013, and they still smell as fresh as they did back then.

With a combination of cocoa butter, soya milk powder and almond oil, this bath bomb is a luxuriously creamy offering from Lush - nothing you would expect, given it's baby pink design. The addition of spearmint oil rounds the fragrance off, giving it a warm yet slightly invigorating aroma. To me, the smell is reminiscent of mint chocolate cornettos - a combination of mint candy canes and chocolate coins. Very Christmassy!

Much like it's predecessor, Christmas Angel is a slow dissolving bath bomb, one you can climb in the bath with and enjoy it's scent as it gently disperses across the surface of the water. However, unlike Haagen Bath, the shape of this ballistic  means that the Christmas Angel floats very gently on the water and doesn't fizz and froth about that much. I actually found that this bath bomb lasted a lot longer than I was expecting, and the whole time I could smell the beautiful fresh mint floating around the bathroom.
Secondly, as the product design meant that this bath bomb dissolved even slower than it's brother, I found that the chunks of chocolate inside Christmas Angel melted a lot better than Haagen Bath - meaning I didn't get any of those annoying chocolately smears around the edge of my bath tub, or indeed on my own skin.

This bath product not only gives you a wonderfully relaxing experience in the bath, but ones that softens, soothes and moisturises the skin, leaving it beautifully soft and feeling refreshed. This does wonders to my skin, and is especially needed during the cold winter months, when my skin is dry and weathered and in need of a little extra TLC. 

As I said in my other review, I would definitely class myself as a fan of the more sweet and citrus scented products. However, this product is one that I return to again and again, and I find myself loving it even more each time. It's a universal favourite. 
The experience left my skin smooth and refreshed, with a gorgeous minty fragrance that lingered on my body for hours afterwards. This works best in the winter months and is my go-to ballistic when I need a little extra boost after a long day. Keep an eye out for these as I would definitely recommend you give these a shot, whether you're a mint fan or not.

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric acid, Cocoa butter, Soya Milk powder, Almond Oil, Laureth 4, Perfume, Spearmint oil, Cocoa powder, Colour 77891, 18050.

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £3.95 each.
2016 Price: £3.50 each.

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