15 December 2014

Santa's Little Helper Gift Set

I cannot say that I am overly keen on Lush bringing out these gift sets as part of the Lush Kitchen, especially as all three of the ones they have offered so far, have not been entirely vegan. Not only this, but they often include products that I would happily buy multiples of, and this proves rather expensive when you have to fork out almost £15 each time.

Having said that, Santa's Little Helper Gift Set is a rather wonderful collection of products - perfect for those unfortunate enough to not have access to a bath. With three popular products featured inside, each very different from the other but equally rather complimentary, this is a very festive and rather uplifting collection of items.

This gift set contains Jilted Elf Shower Jelly; which is the only non-vegan product in the gift set, Glogg Shower Gel and Sandy Santa Body Butter. I was particularly excited about the inclusion of the latter two, because they were both items I was assuming would be featured in this year's Christmas range, and was equally confused and upset when I discovered neither were.

Sandy Santa Body Butter is a scrumptious seasonal buffer that is packed full of murumuru butter and shea butter, acting as both a body butter and a sugar scrub. Lush have crammed him full of butters to give a wonderful moisturising effect; including sugar and sand to smooth and polish your skin at the same time. With sandalwood and orange oil, this beauty smells like fizzy orange sherbet. Delicious.

Ever since I used up my last bottle of Glogg, I've been debating whether or not I prefer this to Hot Toddy. While it's still a close one, I think Glogg tips the scales just that little bit more. This shower gel has a wonderful fruity, spicy winter aroma packed full of cloves, cinnamon and a splash of red wine. The inclusion of orange oil makes this shower gel that little bit sweeter than the aforementioned Hot Toddy - I just wish I could purchase a few large bottles to warm my winter-kissed skin.

While I'll be donating my tub of Jilted Elf Shower Jelly to my flatmates, I couldn't help but give it a little sniff and relish in the wonderfully unique and rather potent aroma it possesses. This shower companion smells strongly of grapefruit with a wonderful kick that'll guarantee to wake you up. There's enough ginger, fig and vodka here to give you an uplifting and very refreshing experience in the shower, while cleansing your skin and leaving it looking and feeling radiant. 

While the packaging is as simplistic as the Once Upon A Time and Spellbound Gift sets, there's something rather lovely about the etched white paper and beautiful green bow that decorates the top of the box. If Lush could only replace the shower jelly with a vegan alternative, I'd say this would make for a perfect gift set. 

Vegan?: No.

2014 Price: £14.95.

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