26 February 2016

Lush Cocktail: Singing The Blues

Sari's 'Singing The Blues' Cocktail




As per usual, I made the decision to not go out for Halloween this year - partly due to my lack of funds in the bank, and partly because I was feeling pretty rotten after a terrible night sleep the night before. To ensure I had at least something slightly magical to do, I decided to root through my cocktail book and find a recipe that sounded like the perfect remedy to scare away those winter blues.

Ironically, Singing The Blues was one of the first to catch my eye - a cocktail so grand and exquisite that it jumped off the page at me, and even convinced me to have my bath early so that I could appreciate its finery, despite the sun still shining outside of the window. 

This cocktail is made up of five distinctly different but equally delicious ingredients, and as I have stated in most of my cocktail reviews, you can always opt to use smaller quantities of each product if you want to conserve your Lush items. This cocktail would work equally well with half of everything listed, and if you were to opt for smaller amounts, it only means you have the ingredients to enjoy a second bath at some point in the near future. 

Firstly, I crumbled the Blue Skies And Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar under the running water. This beautiful blue and white bubble bar is heavily scented with both frankincense and patchouli -  two ingredients that create a very potent but equally very unique combination - a sort of sweet but exotic aroma. 

The product also creates a generous amount of fragrant bubbles and the water turns a shade of pastel blue. This is one of those bars that heeds bubbles with a sort of shimmer to them, and this wonderful effect only helps to make the cocktail look rather amazing later on down the line, when all of the other ingredients have been added.

Next I chose to add the Big Blue Bath Bomb - a product that fizzes and froths immediately upon contact with the water. As waves of blues and whites scattered across the surface of the tub, the wonderful smell of lemon, sea salt and seaweed intertwine with the patchouli and frankincense,  and you get a very heavy yet equally refreshing aroma to contend with. This bath bomb also releases a handful of seaweed into the water, which helps to soften your skin once you're submerged.

Probably the biggest investment is the Magic Bath Ballistic - a limited edition product that most people have a love/hate relationship with because it is a very dominating bath bomb. This Halloween favourite has a fragrance made up of peppermint, rose and parsley - three components that you wouldn't imagine working but do. It's a very strong smell, and it does make the biggest impression in this cocktail. However, it settles a little once in the tub, and compliments the other ingredients, especially the bubble bar.

Finally, I added in half of a Karma Bath Melt - another limited edition product that happens to be the last one in my collection. The patchouli in this matches that of the bubble bar, and the waves of oils, butters and golden lustre help create one the most stunning looking bath cocktails I have ever had the pleasure of trying.

Once I was in the bath, I used Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream to wash myself with, and the patchouli in that also complimented the theme that was running through this entire cocktail. Once I left the bath, I would still smell all of the other elements that I had used in the tub, and my skin was radiant and moisturised.

While I will not be enjoying these regularly, this is only because of the volume of the ingredients used as well as the inclusion of Magic, which is somewhat of a rarity. However, I suddenly came into lots of money and an unlimited supply of Magics, I would be using this weekly.

It may seem like a lot for one bath but it is definitely worth it for that special occasion you've been saving up for. If you should only try one cocktail from my selection, this one would be the one I would recommend! 

Rating: 9.3 out of 10. 

Vegan?: Yes.     


  1. The magic shower jelly is in the kitchen right now. So tempted to buy it!

  2. This must have been one heck of a bath! Looks gorgeous!