11 February 2016

Lush Cocktail: Serene Sixties Spice

Anonymous' 'Serene Sixties Spice' Cocktail




I have so many bath bombs, bubble bars and bath melts that I often forgo the older ones because I forget that they're tucked away at the back of my collection. Whenever I'm planning a bath in my head, I often remember what I have in my top drawer - which means that older renditions might not get a look in from me for quite a while. 

However, when I saw the recipe for this cocktail, and realised that I had all of the ingredients at hand, I knew I had to try this one out as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, it is made from mostly discontinued items, and those that weren't able to stock up before they were removed may feel I am taunting them with products they can't have, but those that have a few oldies lying around, may wish to use them all up in this epic lush cocktail.

Serene Sixties is a cocktail for anyone who wants to extend their love of the Karma scent - an experience that isn't strictly neroli and patchouli orientated, but one that offers something rich, decadent and very beautiful bath that will stay with you long after you've towelled yourself down.

To begin with, crumble half of a Karma Bubble Bar under the running tap. This product not only dominates the main fragrance of the cocktail, but also happens to lead the colour that the water ends up - a deep, sensual shade of purple that'll relax your body and mind and help you unwind after a busy day at work. While it doesn't really matter whether or not you use the original or reformulate bubble bar, the latter definitely makes for a much more beautiful-looking experience.

Once the water has finished running, add in a bump of Hottie Massage Bar. The inclusion of black pepper and ginger oils in this product work with the heat of the bath water, to not only melt and provide much needed oils and butters to moisturise and replenish the skin, but work on soothing aching muscles as well.

These ingredients also give Hottie its rather strange and unique fragrance - a hot and spicy but equally sweet aroma that you wouldn't expect to work, but which does. While you cannot detect the fragrance of this that much, this massage bar compliments the Karma smell perfectly and has enough cocoa butter in a single piece to work in place of a bath melt.

Next I added in half of a Space Girl BallisticContaining bergamot, grapefruit and almond oils, this bath bomb possesses a fruity blackcurrant scent that is slightly reminiscent of the Comforter, although there is definitely a floral undertone here which smells of Parma Violets as well. Space Girl definitely has a multi-layered scent, which gives it a rather mature smell and will appeal to a whole range of different people.

In the cocktail, this bath bomb helps to deepen the shade of purple and adds a slight playful fruity smell that elevates the sweetness of the other ingredients. While I thought this might be thwarted by the Karma Bubble Bar, I was surprised to find that this scent came out throughout the whole experience, which was lovely.

Finally, I added in my piece of Phoenix Rising Bath Ballistic. With a rich byzantium shade of purple, decorated with a splash of gold lustre, and topped with a fresh cinnamon stick, this bath product already earns full marks for its look.

Phoenix Rising contains cocoa butter and jojoba oil to leave your skin really soft and smooth. You shouldn't even need to moisturise after getting out of the tub, although I always do so out of habit. Packed with exotic essential oils of fruit and spices, this bath bomb's fragrance is reminiscent of spiced rum and christmas pudding.

Together these ingredients create an alluring, highly sensual and very serene bathing experience. As it only asks for half of all of the ingredients, this means that I still have the other half to indulge in another, and this I shall with haste. While the products suggest that they're too contradictory to work well together, the strength and uniqueness of their fragrances mean that actually this cocktail works very well indeed.

Not only will this experience leave you feeling as soft as a baby, and smelling like you've travelled directly from the sixties, but is equally relaxing and comforting and is the perfect remedy for anyone in need of a moment to themselves. I will definitely be trying this one out again. 

Rating: 9.1 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.

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  1. This looks beautiful! I just wish I had Phoenix Rising and Space Girl at hand, I used all my stock of them both many months ago :-D I love your blog and am hoping to set one up myself soon but I'm finding it far too complicated!
    The Easter range is being released this coming Friday, the day which I'm travelling to the Poole HQ for 'The Comforter?' spa treatment and to of course pick up 29 High Street Perfume, 29 1/2 soap and the entire Easter range! Have you experienced 'The Comforter?' yet? I asked a member of staff in my local Lush store if the Bunch of Carrots would be reappearing in this year's Easter collection and was informed that they are but have been reformulated to rainbow carrots, which I think is an even more exciting concept!