18 February 2016

Youki Hi Bath Bomb

If there's one thing I enjoy about the weekly releases from the Lush Kitchen, its the process of being able to cross off products that have been on my 'most wanted' list for years. Despite having my firm-favourite choices that I would opt for if I had a say in the matter, this list is merely comprised of everything I have yet to experience from Lush. As you can imagine, this list started out rather hefty and long, but is getting ever smaller thanks to the releases that Lush have been spoiling us to most recently.

Created as homage to the Chinese New Year festivities, Youki Hi Bath Bomb takes it name and inspiration from the very lady who came up with the idea in the first place. This sensual and very visually pleasing ballistic is supposed to represent the beauty behind the carnivals that laden the streets as part of the celebrations.
Made with buckets of jasmine absolute, ylang ylang and palmarosa oil, this product is definitely one to split the audience. For the most part, I can imagine this being one of those bath bombs that you either love or hate. The generous helping of jasmine, which gives Youki Hi the same scent as Flying Fox Shower Gel, is definitely an acquired taste.

This ingredient is so potent in the mix that it bursts out of the packet with its piercingly sweet, heady floral aroma. There is something rather narcotic but equally sensual about the popular flowery ingredient - one that is only made more pungent by the inclusion of the sweet, herbaceous helping of ylang ylang and palmarosa underneath. I found that this bath bomb gave me a bit of a headache straight out of the bag, and it wasn't until I added it to water that I found I could finally breathe again, and it was then that I was able to appreciate the smell a little more.

In its defence, this bath bomb has everything going for it. Not only is its peachy facade delightfully pretty to look at - especially with the sprinkle of golden lustre that paints the surface, but the the ballistic also has a centre piece made up of sea salt that has been coloured bright red to imitate the dragons that make up part of the street parades.
Not only does this latter feature make this bath bomb look exquisite and exciting, but once in the tub the salt helps to soften the water and inject it with restorative properties that cleanse, detox and condition the skin. In its favour, I could really feel how smooth the water felt once I was submerged beneath it, and my skin continued to feel this way for quite some time after I had exited the tub.

A fast fizzer, Youki Hi froths upon impact with the water and sends out waves of peachy-orange colour that make up the basis for the finished experience. As far as scent goes, the jasmine, ylang ylang and palmarosa dampen slightly, so I was able to appreciate the smell a little more without feeling as nauseous as I did when I first caught a whiff of the aroma.

Ultimately, I actually really appreciated how nourishing this bath bomb was on the skin, and I actually preferred the scent of this to the shower gel (which isn't even vegan to begin with). If you appreciate anything in the Lust family, this bath bomb will be right up your alley, and I would highly suggest that you try to grab yourself a few when you next can.

Furthermore, I appreciated the fact that I could still detect a faint hint of the fragrance on my skin afterwards, and this I followed up with a spray or two of the Lust perfume to maintain the smell throughout the day. Not only did this bath bomb offer a soothing, relaxing colour of water to bathe in, but it washed away without any staining and left me feeling pretty happy with myself for investing in another four of them to enjoy.  

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Coarse Sea Salt, Perfume, Jasmine Absolute, Ylang Ylang Oil, Cypress Oil, Palmarosa Oil, Gardenia Extract, Benzyl Alcohol, *Linalool, Gold Glimmer Lustre, Colour 77492, Colour 14700, Amaranth Flowers.

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: £4.10 each.
2017 Price: £4.25 each.

Year Of Original Release: ?

Scent Family:
Floating Flower Bath Ballistic
Flying Fox Body Lotion
Flying Fox Shower Gel
Flying Fox Solid Perfume
Fox Bath Bomb
Godiva Solid Shampoo Bar
Lust Liquid Perfume 
Lustre Dusting Powder
Lust Solid Perfume
Yes Yes Yes Massage Bar
Youki-Hi Bath Ballistic


  1. Kind of glad I didn't order one! I was tempted since based on the description I thought it might smell a bit like Christmas Eve bubble bar, which is one of the few jasmine-related scents I like. But if it's as jasminey Lust or Flying Fox I couldn't do it.

  2. I missed out on purchasing one of these bombs. It sounds like it would be one I would have liked. I love seeing the Lush bath bombs react in water. What is your favourite Lush bath bomb so far?

  3. It looks like a gem!

  4. dying to try this!! why wasnt the flying fox shower gel vegan? i was so sad reading about it since ive never been able to try it, but i guess i dont mind if it was vegan anyway!