Valentine's Day

Key - All products highlighted in green were new to Lush that year. 

Bath Bombs/Bubble Bars- Aubergine Bath BombLove Boat, Love Token Reusable Bubble Bar, Open Your Heart Bubble Bra, Peachy Bath Bomb, Six Reusable Bubble BarUnicorn Horn Bubble Bar.
Shower Gels - American Cream Naked Shower Gel, American Cream Shower Gel, Avocado Wash Naked Shower Gel, Avocado Wash Shower Gel.
SoapsStrawberry Whip.
Random- Adam's Apple Mouthwash TabsAmerican Pie Body Conditioner, American Cream Naked Body Conditioner, Big Banana Massage BarEve's Cherry Lip ScrubLove Island Body Scrub.
Gift Sets - In Your Dreams, Love Box, With Love, 
Knot Wraps - Good Valentine, Roses, Toucan Love.

Bath Bombs/Bubble BarsGiant Rose Bombshell Bath BombHeart Of Enlightened Expectation Bubble Bar Melt, Love Boat, Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb, Tisty Tosty (Pink) Bath BombUnicorn Horn Bubble Bar, Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon.
Bath Melts 
Shower Gels - Tender Is The Night Naked Shower Cream
Soaps- Tunnel Of Love.
Random- Cherryish Body Scrub, Kiss Me Quick Washcard, Melt My Heart Massage Bar, The Kiss Lip ScrubThe Kiss Lip Gloss.
Gift Sets - In Your Dreams, Love Box, With Love, 
Knot Wraps - Good Valentine, Roses, Toucan Love.

Bath Bombs/Bubble Bars- Cupid Bath BombLadybird Bubble Bar, Lover Lamp Bath BombLovestruck Bubble Bar, Over And Over Bath Bomb, Roller Bath Bomb, Rose Bombshell Bath BombUnicorn Horn Bubble Bar
Bath Melts - Two Hearts Beating As One.
Shower Gels - Prince Charming Shower Cream.
SoapsLove You, Love You Lots.
RandomThe Kiss Lip GlossThe Kiss Lip ScrubKiss Me Quick Business Wash CardLove Spell Massage Bar.
Gift Sets - Happy Valentine's Day, In Your Dreams, Lots Of Love, Love And Kisses, With Love, 
Knot Wraps - Roses, Toucan. 

Bath Bombs/Bubble BarsHeart Throb Bubbleroon (Oxford Street Exclusive)Limited Edition Pink Tisty Tosty (Oxford Street Exclusive), Lover Lamp Bath BombUnicorn Horn Bubble Bar
Shower Gels - Prince Charming Shower Cream.
Soaps- Roses All The Way.
RandomThe Kiss Lip Gloss, The Kiss Lip Scrub, Love Spell Massage Bar (Oxford Street Exclusive).
Gift Sets - ?, In Your Dreams, Lots Of Love, Love And Kisses, Two Hearts
Knot Wraps - Kiss A Few Frogs, Love Birds Of Africa, 

Bath Bombs/Bubble BarsFloating Flower Bath Bomb, Heart Throb Bubbleroon, Lonely Heart Bubble BarLove Locket, Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar.
Shower Gels - Prince Charming,
Soaps- Cupid's Love
RandomClose To You Massage BarTender Is The Night, The Kiss Lip Gloss, The Kiss Lip Scrub.
Gift Sets - In Your Dreams, I Only Have Eyes For You, Lots Of Love, Toucan Love, Two Hearts, Yes.

Bath Bombs- Love Locket
Shower Gels - Prince Charming,
Soaps- Neon Love
Random- Close To You Massage Bar, Tender Is The Night, The Kiss Lip Gloss
Gift Sets - Lots Of Love, Neon Love, Toucan Love. 

Soaps- Willow Pattern
Gift Sets Be Mine, Foxy Knot-Wrap, Love Bug Knot-Wrap, Sexy Fun Times. 

Bath Bombs - Leap Frog Ballistic
Bubble Bars - Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar
Soaps- Sweetheart, Willow Pattern
Gift Sets - Do Not Disturb Wrap, Lots Of Love, Love Bug Wrap, P.S. I Love You,

Bath Bombs The Ex Factor Bath Bomb 
Bubble BarsMagic Mushroom Bubble Bar.  
Soaps - Love Birds
Gift Sets


  1. Do you know when this years valentines range will be released?

  2. I'm on the west coast USA and I got a flyer from a store today saying valentines items would be in stores Jan 15th. It described the unicorn horn bubble bar, the kiss lip gloss and lip scrub, Prince Charming shower cream, and roses all the way soap.

  3. just saw this year valentines range and I saw zero bath bombs included. I'm so sad I've never trailed the huge love locket and was so looking forward to that. do they release more products closer to Valentine's Day that will hopefully include some bath bombs? or is what they already release all that will be coming out this year? I saw a cool bath bomb on the uk website called lover lamp I hope maybe that will come out in North America valentines if nothing else.

  4. Hi. Please can you review The Kiss in stick form? Thanks

  5. Hello dear!! May I ask what the difference is between last year's Unicorn Horn and this years? It is, by far, my favorite bubble bar, so I hope it didn't change too drastically.

  6. Hi. Whats the difference between the kiss and strawberry bomb shell?

  7. How long does the range last for?


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  9. The Valentine's day products of 2017 have been released. There isn't a tab for them yet but the products are Ladybird, Love Spell Massage Bar, Prince Charming shower cream, Rose Bombshell bath bomb, Over and Over bath bomb, Cupid bath bomb, Lover Lamp bath bomb, The Kiss lip scrub and lip gloss, Two Hearts Beating As One bath melt, Lovestruck bubble bar, and Love You, Love You Lots soap. You can see them if you search in the search bar.

  10. Valentines Day 2018 just to arrive this really very good looking Valentines Day 2018.