24 November 2013

Limited Edition Lush Scents

It was around this time last year when my love of Lush reached new extremes and began to be more of an obsession. I found myself checking the website most days and trawling through the hundreds of threads on the international forum, interested in reading about any up-and-coming products, or simply those from the past that I so desperately wanted to try. 

It was also around this time last year that Lush released their limited edition 'forum party' perfumes for the first time since I had become a full-blown Lushie. At the time, my knowledge and experience of the products were rather limited, so aside from the 'must have' Comforter and Creamy Candy perfumes, I opted out of buying any of the others. I would later regret this decision when I discovered how wonderful the other fragrances were; I would now consider Snowcake, Rose Jam and Twilight to be three of my all-time favourite Lush scents.  

Fast forward to 2013 and I get wind of an upcoming perfume release; five limited edition perfumes, four of which have been featured as forum specials in the past and one brand new addition that has never been released as a perfume before.

Straight away my mind utters two phrases - Day of the Dead and Ponche. The former (also known as Calacas) is easily my second favourite scent after The Comforter. Although I have an almost full bottle of the stuff already, I had been using it very scrupulously in fear that I'd run out, so being able to stock up would have been a godsend. 

Secondly, I hoped and prayed that Ponche would be the new perfume, even though it didn't seem to be a popular suggestion from other Lush fans. Ever since I had tried that boozy-citrusy shower gel last Christmas, I had fallen in love, and the thought of being able to spray myself and enjoy the scent throughout the entire day sounded heavenly. 

So when I was presented with these five little beauties, my heart was in my mouth and my bank balance was already groaning under the strain. 

I am ecstatically happy about Calacas and Ponche, and equally excited about Snow Fairy; it is a favourite scent of mine (number six, I believe) but often gets overshadowed by The Comforter, Karma and Calacas. It's one of Lush's biggest sellers during the Christmas period, and I'm sure, like me, is a product that draws customers into their shops and turns them into life-long addicts. This will be much appreciated by fans around the world although I think Lush are silly not to present these in shops as they would probably sell by the bucket load.

I appreciate that Lush have brought back both Rose Jam and Snowcake from last year; I know that both fragrances play an important role in the Christmas range this year, and I'm glad I can finally get my hands on a few bottles of each to keep me going for a while. However, I am a little disappointed that Lush didn't opt to release two perfumes that haven't been seen in a while: Cinders would have made a great option as it's a very popular scent and cinnamon is very heavily featured in this year's Christmas products (Glogg, Spice Mountain, Hot Toddy).

Although I am happy with the range and excited to get my greedy little mitts on these bottles of 'liquid gold', I wish that Lush had included more original scents in their range - I would love to have seen Angels Delight, Let The Good Times Roll or Gold FUN embodied as a perfume. 

Needless to say, I have gone a little overboard and brought eighteen bottles to keep me going. Some might say that that's a little extreme but that's what savings are for, right? 


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