16 November 2013

Rudolph Fresh Face Mask

When I first found out that Lush were bringing out a new vegan face mask, I was stupidly excited, probably more so than about any other of the products in the Christmas 2013 range. Having used their face masks regularly for the past 5+ years, they are the only product that have remained a staple in my house for so long. So to be able to 'change it up' a little with my routine, was welcomed.   

The first thing I noticed about Rudolph is that it is more of a savoury face mask as opposed to a sweet. This was a welcome surprise for me as firstly, it is completely different to all of the other vegan face masks available to me year round, and secondly, most of products in the Christmas range are highly sugary-sweet or ladened with spices, so it serves as a great alternative for those wanting something vastly different.

The main ingredients in this face mask are fresh cucumber, oatmeal and tofu, which help to bind everything together and soothe your skin; tea tree, witch hazel and lavender reduce redness and blemishes and help to restore your face back to it's healthy self. To top it off, Lush have included a nose-shaped jelly centre piece, which serves as Rudolph's nose and adds that fun element to the product.

Rudolph is supposed to help your face to recuperate during the winter months when the the wind, rain, sleet and snow are intent on weathering your skin and drying your pores out. Rudolph does exactly that; it soothes, nourishes and calms the skin, as well as reducing redness and restoring nutrients. 

A tub lasted me about 4-5 applications and is super easy to use. Simply scoop out a generous amount, apply evenly over the face and leave for five to ten minutes. And as Lush say, 'don’t forget to pop your shiny jelly red nose in place!' My only gripe is that I found the mask worked better when it had been left out at room temperature for a few minutes before application, something that I don't have to do for any other face mask.

Unfortunately, the main issue I have with limited edition Lush products such as face masks, cleaners and hair care products, is that they're, well, LIMITED EDITION. You cannot expect consumers to be happy with buying a product that works for them, only to be told that they have a short window in which to use them in before they disappear. This is a grudge I hold against Lush for having Buche De Noel as a Christmas- only product. 

I will definitely be buying this product again and will buy a few to freeze and use throughout the year. I only hope that Lush bring this product back next year as I will be rather disappointed.

Quantitative Ingredients: Fresh Cucumber, Kaolin, Glycerine, Fine Oatmeal, Tofu, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Calamine Powder, Witch Hazel Extract, Fresh Mint, Green Tea Powder, Organic Lavender Oil, Fair Trade Aloe Vera Powder, Sodium Alginate Sulphate, *Coumarin, *Geraniol, *Limonene, *Linalool, - -, JELLY DECORATION, Glycerine, Fresh Cucumber Infusion, Fair Trade Aloe Vera Gel, Propylene Glycol, Carrageenan Extract, Organic Lavender Oil, Poppy Red Lustre, Snowflake Lustre, *Coumarin, *Geraniol, *Limonene, *Linalool.

Vegan?: Yes


  1. I miss this face mask so much :(

    1. Agreed :( I was very disappointed when Lush didn't bring it back lady year.

    2. They give us Rudolph, I fall in love...gone. They give us Cranberry, I fall in love...gone. No LE facemask whatsoever Christmas '16. WTF!?