19 October 2014

12 Days Of Christmas Gift Set

When I first saw Lush's range of gift sets for this year, I was immediately drawn to 12 Days Of Christmas - a gift set that I think is far superior to any of the others that are currently available to purchase online and in store. There is something magical and gorgeous about the way this gift set has been designed and it takes my breath away every time I see it. 

Firstly, this gift set is massive - probably a little smaller than a piece of A3 paper and about 15cm thick. Featuring 12 of Lush's most popular products, it's also one of the more expensive on offer, coming in at a very reasonable but equally hefty £49.95.

What I love about this collection is that the products you get in this are not just seasonal specials. It's always nice to get a box of limited editions that you can store and use across the year, but sometimes it's great to get a mixture of Christmas items with some of the regular, staple products. 

This particular box set features 8 Christmas, 3 regular and 1 Halloween product, all of which showcase a wide variety of different scents - there's something here for everybody! You get:

Snow Angel Bath Melt
Golden Wonder Ballistic 
Hot Toddy Shower Gel
Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt 
Cinders Bath Bomb 
Dashing Santa Ballistic
Celebrate Body Lotion
Holly Golightly Bubble Bar
Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb
Karma Soap
Honey I Washed The Kids Soap
The Olive Branch Shower Gel

Unfortunately, due to the inclusion of HIWTK soap, this box set is not labelled as vegan - an annoying feature for those of us who do not want to purchase products that contain any animal derivatives. Luckily, my flatmate is a regular user of this soap and offered to refund me the amount that it would cost to buy the soap - meaning I wasn't directly funding the purchase as she would have brought a piece anyway.

What makes this gift set superior, and stand out from all of the others, is that the compartments inside the box help to keep all of your items in perfect condition, even in transit. Despite the fact that the bath products are not encased in any protective wrapping, all seven of my fragile products are in perfect condition and the stuffing only helped to preserve them even further. 

As somebody who loves collecting Lush's boxes to store things in, 12 Days Of Christmas offers endless possibilities for what this could encase once the products have been used. If you're going to buy one gift set this year, you should should definitely make it either this one or The Nightingale. It's well worth the investment!

2014 Price: £49.95.


  1. I want to buy this one and then store my special Christmas ornaments in it , I think the little compartments will be great!

    1. It would be perfect for this - I haven't decided what I'm going to store in it yet but it can stay looking pretty on my shelf until then :)

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