29 October 2014

First Snow Gift Set

First Snow is a gift set that takes you on a little journey. Whereas most of the seasonal collections focus on the Christmas products that are currently available, this gift set mixes the seasonal with the regular - the sweet with the citrus; a gift set that is perfect for those who want more than just a selection of bath bombs to see them through the colder months. 

This is a collection for those unlucky enough to not have access to a bath, or those who prefer to shower, as all of these products are either shower-orientated items or those meant to be used after washing. Featuring four Christmas products and three regular items, this a well balanced selection that will appeal to anyone who wants to pamper their winter-kissed skin.

This gift set features:

Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar

What is great about this gift set is that besides two products, each of these items offer the user a different scent. There's Snow Fairy, Bubblegum and Rock Star for the candy-scented fans - with First Snow, Baked Alaska and Snowman included for those who favour citrus smells. 

While I think Lush could have included a body lotion, scrub or body butter to offer a complete experience for those wanting to improve the condition of their skin (instead of Bubblegum Lip Scrub which does stick out like a sore thumb), this is still a lovely collection to receive. 

All seven items featured in this gift set are vegan so this would be a great collection for anyone looking for products that are free of animal derivatives. Priced at £36.95, this is a little expensive for what you receive in the box but it's one that can be reused to store stuff in afterwards so is worth the price tag. Furthermore, all of these products last for a considerable amount of time - so while something like Santa Is Coming To Town or 12 Days Of Christmas might have a bigger selection of products, most of these are single-use items so will be finished a lot quicker. I'm really glad that I purchased this gift set before it sold out, and I can see this being one I buy for family members and work colleagues. 

2014 Price: £36.95.

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