20 October 2014

Spellbound Gift Set

I really like the idea of Lush bringing out old school gift sets from years gone by - simply because it's rather more exciting receiving a box full of rare products as opposed to a single item. While I recognise that it may be frustrating for consumers who want multiple copies of one product, the company should consider offering the odd gift set as an occasional bonus.

Spellbound is the first box to be made available through the Kitchen, and what an experience it is! Containing three unique and highly popular bath products, this Halloween limited edition is the perfect gift set for those who want something extra special this year. 

This gift set contains:

While I am not that much of a fan of the latter product, I have been awaiting the return of the two bath bombs for as long as I can remember. Each unique to the other, Magic is perhaps the strongest bath bomb I have ever experienced from Lush, while Jingle Spells is a beautiful and equally memorable product that offers the perfect winter bathing experience.

I was well and truly spellbound when I received this gift set in the post and I can only hope that Lush bring out these three items individually so I can stock up. 

2014 Price: £14.95.