20 October 2014

Star Of Wonder Gift Set

I've managed to pick up a number of gift sets from Lush over the last couple of years - through birthday and Christmas presents, but I've never made the effort to buy one myself. That was until last year, when Lush released 'The Night Before Christmas' box - a product that I still consider to be one of the most beautiful gift sets they have ever released. I 'ummed' and 'arred' for so long that the set sold out and I never managed to acquire one from local shops. I was gutted.

This year I made the point of buying the gift sets that I wanted straight away so I wouldn't face the disappointment I experienced last year. Star of Wonder was a set that made a big impression on me straight away - mostly because I envisaged what amazing things I could do with the box after I had used up all of the products. 

This fits under the 'medium-priced' gift set collection - setting you back £26.50 for 6 seasonal limited edition products. Straight away you can see that this is aimed for those who have a bit of a sweet tooth as all of the products are slightly linked and not that far apart from each other, scent wise. 

You get:

The Sparkler Ballistic
Snow Fairy Shower Gel 
Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt
Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb
Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar

Although the gift box is made from a thick cardboard and seems far sturdier than many of Lush's other gift sets, I was a little disappointed to find that my Sparkler was completely destroyed when it arrived in the post. While I would probably blame the man-handling of the parcel company who were responsible for it reaching me, the shape of this box doesn't lend itself well to squeezing 6 odd-shaped cosmetics into it's shell. 

Despite this, it's a lovely product that will appeal to the girl in all of us - a candy-inspired collection that will satisfy even the sweetest tooth come Christmas time. I can see this being very popular with consumers, and with two thirds of these products being rated 6 out of 6 on my blog, this is a must have seasonal collection.

2014 Price: £26.50.


  1. I wouldn't neccessarily blame the delivery service or the box; those stick-shaped bath bombs are ridiculously fragile! I've seens more reviews of gift sets that had broken sticks, and even when I got one in store, and carried it in my handbag, on a non-bumpy bus ride, on my lap, when I got home it was broken. The scents and colors are great, but they just seem like a poor, or at least non-practical, design choice.

    1. True! I've only had 2 out of about 12 that I've ordered that have made it in one piece! I agree with you that it's the design over the other factors!

  2. I think I only got one of those Stick shaped ones arrive without being broken.. I don't mind if they are split in half considering I do that anyway,, but hate when they come in a pile of dust! I am waiting on the post to deliver the " Star of Wonder" gift set. I keep reading your post,, while I'm anxiously waiting for them to knock on my door !

  3. Well let's hope yours has had a better journey! I agree with the 'pile of dust' thing - my 29 box set contained a very broken Dragon's Egg :(