24 February 2015

Happy Daze Gift Set

It's very seldom that I get my hands on any of Lush's regular gift sets - partly because I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase any for myself, and normally the only time I get bought gift sets is for Christmas, which would normally result in myself getting a seasonal collection. However, over the Christmas period I decided to buy a few gift sets for members of my family, and knowing what scents they appreciate, I actually found myself opting for regular collections instead of limited editions.

Happy Daze was a new gift set for 2014 and in my opinion is probably the best one currently available online and in store. The reason I say this is because normally there is a product in a set that I would happily exchange for another one. However, this gift set features four amazing products and really showcases some of Lush's best work. 

This is a gift set for bath lovers and features two bubble bars and two bath bombs - all of which are very different from each other yet all of which seem to compliment one other really well.

This gift set features:

While the two bath ballistics are full-sized, the two bubble bars are about half the size of the regular versions. Despite this, you're still able to get two uses out of each one so you have the potential to get 6-8 baths from this one gift set - making it great value for money.  

Lush claim that this gift set is supposed to help you travel back to the 60's - to reminisce in the vibrancy and psychedelia of that era. For this reason, I was surprised that the Karma Bubble Bar wasn't featured in the collection, as it would have perhaps been more suited than one of the other bubble bars. Having said that, this gift set is still a bright and colourful offering - both in its physical form and in the scents that it offers the user. 

Priced up at £14.95, this does work out a little more expensive than buying the same amount of product without the box and packaging. However, it's a great introduction box for those who perhaps aren't as familiar with Lush's bath range as regular shoppers would be. Happy Daze would be a great starting place for those who are just starting out with Lush and want a selection of products to test out. It's also great because the products featured here would appeal to almost anyone - there's nothing strange or particularly overpowering that might put new Lush fans off of buying from the company again. 

All of the recipients of this gift set commented on how wonderful it was and how there was something in here to compliment any mood. While I have enough of each of these bath products to last me a lifetime, this would be one of the first gift sets I turn to if I'm ever in need of a gift idea in the future. 

Vegan?: Yes.

Price: £14.95.

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