15 February 2015

Lush Cocktail: Candy Delight

Rachel's Candy Delight Cocktail 




After contracting an eye infection, I was forced to take two days off of work and could think of nothing better to do than try out some of the delicious cocktails that you guys have suggested to me. Having tried out various sweet and fruity combinations, I was craving something rather shamefully sugary and Candy Delight sounded like the perfect remedy. 

Comprised of probably the least amount of Lush products possible, this cocktail is for someone who wants to utilise their items in the best way that they can. If like me, you invested in a number of seasonal Christmas gift sets in the Boxing Day sale, these are all items you might find yourself inundated with. This is a cocktail that will help to lighten the load and can be enjoyed at any time of the year. 

First up, I crumbled half of a Candy Mountain under the running tap and was delighted to discover how many bubbles this little beauty creates. While I love the sweet, candy-esque aroma of this bubble bar, it's not one that I often use because I'm usually too preoccupied with the Christmas bath bombs. However, whenever I do find myself with one, I remember how impressive it is - it really is one of the softest, most effective bubble bars that I have ever tried from Lush. 

Unfortunately, despite it's bright pink and silver demeanour, this bubble bar does little to the colour of the water and so you're left with a rather plain looking bath. Having said that, the smell that emanates from this bubble bar alone is enough to make you forgive this product slightly. 

Next I squirted lashings of Snow Fairy Shower Gel under the running water. Again, despite the vivid pink-colour, this shower gel didn't alter the colour of the water at all but it did strengthen the overall smell. You could detect both of the products very strongly by this point and the bubbles were almost overflowing outside of the tub. 

Finally, to add some softness to the experience, I added in an entire Butterbear Ballistic. This little fella got to work immediately - frothing on the surface of the water and sending out waves of cocoa butter which helped to make this cocktail incredibly moisturising. Unfortunately, due to his size and how quickly he dissipated in the tub, the ballistic was engulfed by a wave of fluffy bubbles and I lost sight of him almost immediately. 

Together, these three products created a strong, rich and very playful bath - perfect for both younger fans and those older Lushies with a sweet tooth. While Snow Fairy by itself can be rather potent and slightly too sickly for my liking, Candy Mountain and Butterbear softened it's fragrance and rounded it off with a creamy, vanillary element, which was lovely. 

This is a cocktail you'd want to enjoy before heading out for a night on the town. While the warmth of the water is enough to make it very comforting, the smell wakes you up and leaves you feeling ready to party. All three ingredients are strong enough to not only make their mark on the overall aroma of this bath, but to leave an impression on your skin as well. 

While I'm embarrassed to say that I don't go out as much as I should, this is definitely one I would choose to enjoy before I decided to hit the town. After towelling myself down, I used Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar to not only prolong that candy scent, but to get my skin well moisturised, shiny and slightly glittery to boot. A well-rounded experience in my eyes. 

Vegan?: Yes. 

Rating: 8.4 out of 10. 

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  1. I tried this (Minus the massage bar) And I LOVED it... May I suggest to you one of my favorite cocktails?
    Pick Me Up, Sunshine!
    1/4 Brightside Bubble Bar
    1 Melting Marshmallow Moment
    Wash with Whoosh Shower Jelly (If vegan, substitute with Calacas, I sadly don't have it but I have smelt the scent before, it would fit.)
    It woke me us EASILY, and it leaves a ice Citrus-y Sweet smell on your body for a good amount of time... best part is you don't need any seasonal or kitchen products!!! (If you do do this, please credit me :D)