26 February 2015

Lush Cocktail: Starry Starry Night

Jorge's Starry Starry Night Cocktail 


Lashings Of Twilight Shower Gel



I don't know what it is, but I'm finding myself trying out some really incredible Lush Cocktails as of late. It's not that I'm picking the ones that most appeal to me because that would be the obviously answer as to why I'm enjoying them so much. 

While I have written down every single one of the cocktails that have been suggested, I'm going to be honest and say that I've mostly been picking the ones that feature products I already own. Given the extent of my current collection, I don't want to buy up another 20 bath bombs when I already own 200 that are waiting to be used. For this reason, I'm rather surprised that the last couple baths I've had have been two of the greatest cocktail experiences to date. 

Starry Starry Night really appealed to me because of two reasons; firstly, because I haven't been sleeping that well lately, the combination of products featured seemed like the perfect remedy for my mild insomnia; secondly, the cocktail features Twilight Shower Gel - one of those products that I just cannot say no to.

First up, I crumbled the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar under the running water and watched as a sea of beautiful bubbles appeared in a very short space of time. For a product that I was previously unimpressed with, it's really won me over this year and now I feel almost guilty that I abandoned it in the first place.

This product gives off a wonderfully refreshing and very light floral fragrance - one that is packed full of jasmine and ylang ylang to give a sweet but rather lovely scent. The bubble bar turns the water a lovely pastel green colour and the bubbles that accompany it as light, silky-soft and very fragrant. 

Next I added in a generous helping of Twilight Shower Gel. This immediately made it's presence known in the bath and I could detect it's wonderful creamy lavender scent throughout the whole experience. It also adds to the nourishing properties of the water and is one of the reasons why I left this bath feeling like a million pounds. 

Once the water has stopped running, I added in a third of a Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt. This is easily my favourite bath melt from Lush and gives off a strong but creamy citrus aroma. Packed full of cocoa butter, this small slice of melt will also give the water a layer of essential oils that soften and cleanse your skin - leaving it feeling incredible. 

The outer layer of silver lustre will also give this bath a magical sparkle to it. However, you don't have to worry about getting covered in glitter as it slowly sinks to the bottom of the tub over time and washes away with ease afterwards. 

Finally, I added in half of a Shoot For The Stars - a bath bomb that even to look at is a marvel. This favourite seasonal product of mine dominates the colour of the bath - turning it a vivid and very intense deep blue colour and adding a gorgeously sweet toffee fragrance to the bath. 

Not only this but the bath bomb also contains glitter of its own, which along with the bath melt create an undercurrent of lustre that swirls around you while you're submerged in the water - really making you feel as if you're bathing with the stars. 

All four of these products have distinctively different scents but all four work wonders when used together. What impressed me the most about this bath was that I could detect all of the fragrances at any one time. While the Shoot For The Stars and Star Light Star Bright were the more dominant smells, I could still smell Christmas Eve and Twilight at any time.

This cocktail left me feeling really invigorated - my skin felt incredible afterwards and it helped to send me off into a deep sleep that lasted almost eleven hours - perhaps the longest I slept in a good year. As I have multiples of all of these ingredients, I will definitely be using this cocktail again - perhaps making it a fortnightly occurrence. 

Vegan?: Yes. 

Rating: 9.2 out of 10. 


  1. This looks amazing, I wish I had the products

  2. Trying this in a few weeks, really can't wait :)