9 July 2019

Supherb Toothy Tabs

Since I was about seven years old, my favourite colour has always been green, and more specifically a forest shade of green. While my initial preference was linked to my obsession with a Power Rangers character, it has since grown on me as the colour that I associate with life and vibrancy and the environment. I seek solace and find comfort in these shades of green and unconsciously gravitate towards them on most occasions. 

When I first read the description of Supherb Toothy Tabs, I assumed that I would love them because of their green design and shoutout to nature. Described as being a wintergreen, pine and parsley concoction, these herbaceous tabs sounded like something so natural and exciting and fresh. And they are. It's just that my tastebuds have yet to forgive me for using these solidly for almost a week. 

I'll start by saying that these are not toothy tabs for the faint-hearted. If you're looking for something sweet and gentle to clean your teeth with, you'll want to avoid these at all costs. Supherb packs a punch that'll leave your teeth shiny; your breath as fresh as a coastal breeze; and your tongue hanging out somewhere near the floor while it tries to escape your mouth. They are STRONG.

Containing more ingredients than any other toothy tab, these Liverpool exclusives are a handful (and a mouthful) of smells and tastes. From the bottle, the smell of wintergreen, peppermint and pine chase up your nose like a rabid dog, clearing your airways immediately with how fresh it smells. There is something so crisp and green about the smell that reminds me of a vibrant, leafy forest that's been doused in mint. The fragrance is dripping with potency and only continues to offer more, the longer you continue to sniff. 

Underneath these three key components, you can make out the herbal element of the parsley, coriander and marjoram, and these tend to come out even more when you begin to brush your teeth. With a slight reference to the lemon and clove bud oils, there is an awful lot going on here, and some consumers might find themselves very overwhelmed by how thick and complex the fragrance is.  

When it comes to how they taste, you probably won't be surprised to learn that Supherb Toothy Tabs are definitely for those who prefer a stronger tasting toothpaste. All of the above elements come together in full force as soon as the tab begins to get to work and you can taste every single component in all of its strength. It's really herbal and minty and pine-like all at the same time, and any smells or germs that may be present in your mouth before brushing certainly don't stand a chance at being there when you have finished.

These toothy tabs will leave you with the freshest breath and a mouth that feels like the cleanest it's ever been. Your tongue will also feel slightly tingly after you've rinsed your mouth out, although this strangely didn't happen every time for me.

As with all of Lush's new toothy tabs, these particular tabs feature a number of ingredients that I was unsure about and had to research before trying them out for myself - not only to understand how and why Supherb work but also to educate others about the benefits they possess. Firstly, these tabs feature  dicalcium phosphate anhydrous - the main component used to help supplement the body's calcium intake, not to mention preventing the build up of tartar in the mouth. Sorbitol is also used - a natural alternative to sugar which allows Lush to add flavour to this product without adding anything that'll rot your teeth; Lauroyl Sarcosine not only helps the product to foam up in the mouth, but is also used to remove unwanted bacteria that may cause problems in the future.

If I'm honest, I couldn't really tell you if I actually liked Supherb Toothy Tabs or not. I am not for one second faulting the product by any means, as they left my teeth and mouth cleaner than most of the other toothy tabs I have been trying as of late. However, I don't think I would describe the smell or taste of these as being anywhere near pleasant. 

Ultimately, oral health care is about looking after your teeth and gums which these toothy tabs will help you to do. And if you're looking for a toothpaste that'll give you fresh breath alongside this, perhaps these are the tabs you've been looking for. However, I do think that I can achieve all of that without feeling as if I've just stuffed my nose and mouth in a vegetable garden so I probably wouldn't use these again.

Quantitative Ingredients: Dicalcium Phosphate Anhydrous, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream Of Tartar (Potassium bitartrate), Sorbitol, Lauroyl Sarcosine,  Kaolin, Xylitol, Wintergreen Oil, Pine Needles Absolute, Pine Oil, Parsley Seed Oil, Aniseed Oil, Clove Bud Oil, Coriander Seed Oil, Geranium Oil, Sicilian Lemon Oil, Marjoram Oil, Peppermint Oil, Angelica Oil, Nettle Powder, Horsetail Herb Powder, Menthol Crystals, Water, Gardenia Extract, Stevia, Chlorophylin, Citral, Citronellol, Eugenol, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool.

Vegan?: Yes. 

2019 Price: £5.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2019.

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