14 July 2019

Dragon's Temple Bauble Bath Melt

Alongside Iron Harvest, I think that this is perhaps my favourite of the four limited edition bauble bath melts that Lush brought out last Christmas. Not only does it offer a gorgeous vivid pink colour: a shade of pink in fact that I think is the most beautiful shade I have ever seen, but this bath melt also holds a gorgeous fragrance that lasts for hours on both your skin and around the bathroom.

Dragon's Temple Bauble Bath Melt unfortunately saw very little in the way of accolade when it originally came out. Appearing briefly on Instagram and then on a couple of European sites, this limited edition was quick to make an impression amongst the community, and fans couldn't wait to get their chance to purchase one for them to try. Unfortunately, this along with the other nine tablets that came out at the same time, appeared and disappeared on the website, within a matter of hours, and that was the last that we heard about them.

With a circumference roughly 7cm wide and with a thickness a little under a centimetre, this is definitely one of the biggest bath melts that Lush have ever unleashed into the world. While it is definitely a very intense experience to put the whole thing into the tub at once, I would suggest that you cut this into three or four pieces as that would make it much better value for money.

You certainly don't need to use the entire melt in one go and it would be far less messy breaking off pieces whilst its dry than hanging or storing the tablet once it's already been in the water. As the bauble tends to melt quite quickly, there is nothing particularly pretty about hanging a blob of pink butters around your room afterwards. For this reason, dividing this into four pieces would be a much better and slightly less messier way of enjoying this bauble.

Sharing its scent with Delight Bath Oil, Dragon's Temple is a bright and very fruity burst of lime, pine and black pepper: three ingredients that work in unison with each other to produce something very unique and refreshing. To my nose, the lime is the strongest component here, offering a bright but equally slightly soured fruity note. Alongside this, the pine oil brings about a fresh, slightly green-like note that sits directly under the line and intensifies the overall fragrance. 

Along with the black pepper oil, that adds a delicate but noticeable spicy kick to the aroma, the smell of this bauble is a light and very uplifting one, yet it also possesses properties to warm the body and senses at the same time. Used in the summer, the fragrance compliments the warmer weather; used in the winter and it leaves you feeling refreshed and comforted.

As with all of Lush's limited edition baubles, Dragon's Temple rests on the surface and slowly ebbs streams of vivid pink oils under and across the surface. These oils and butters tend to linger around the product at first so you have to swish it around with the piece of string to help it dissolve across the whole tub. However, I really enjoyed watching the oils create thick, colourful patterns on the surface whilst I was bathing, so I was happy to let the butters and oils dissolve in their own time. After using half of one of these baubles, I found that the water turned a wonderful shade of pink, to match the original colour of the bath melt. 

What I will say is that I could definitely detect a change in the consistency of the water and I found that my skin felt smoother and softer within minutes. After towelling myself down, I could really notice how nourished my skin looked and felt and this is something that I felt was perhaps intensified somewhat because of the size of the bath melt I was using.

Another great point about Dragon's Temple was the fact that the fragrance stayed with me throughout my entire bath and I was able to smell it quite prominently on my skin afterwards as well. These lingering notes travelled with me when I went to bed that night and I could still smell them on my pillow the next day.

If you're a fan of the Delight, you will no doubt love this rendition of the bath oil and will in fact be far happier that the scent is very much stronger and more prevalent than it is in the miniature ball. I would even go as far as to say that this bauble was far more moisturising as well, which only served to make me love it all. I would gladly buy this again if it ever became available, although the chances of this are unfortunately rather slim.

Quantitative Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii), Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Laureth 4, Perfume, Lime Oil (Citrus aurantifolia), Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera), Titanium Dioxide, Black Pepper Oil (Piper nigrum), Pine Needle Absolute (Pinus sylvestris), Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis), *Citral, Coumarin, *Limonene.

Vegan?: Yes.

2019 Price: £6.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2018.

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