6 December 2014

Jungle Liquid Perfume

I remember when I experienced the fragrance of Jungle Conditioner for the first time - I was absolutely blown away by how unique and interesting a scent it was. While I was disappointed with how the product worked on my hair, I couldn't stop thinking about it's smell, and was very happy when they re-released Jungle Body Lotion in the Kitchen. 

When Lush then announced that this would be one of the five limited edition perfumes to make an appearance in the Kitchen, I was ecstatic. Now I could finally enjoy the wonderful smell without having to draw blood from a stone - which is exactly how I felt when I was using the solid conditioner on my hair. 

Having not made an appearance since 2008, this is a well sort-after perfume, and rightly so. With the strange but equally refreshing combination of cedarwood, vetivert, cypress and ylang ylang oils, this is a perfume that smells like the aftermath of a forest and a tropical island having a fist-fight.

The inclusion of the cypress oil gives Jungle it's warm evergreen fragrance while the cedarwood compliments this with its own unique aromatic wood smell. Together, these two ingredients are quite pungent in the bottle but both mellow out somewhat when they've had the time to react to the warmth of your skin. I would say that this is a perfume that would work well as a gentle introduction to stronger, heady scents - especially for those who dislike overpowering smoky/woody aromas as such as Breath Of God or The Voice Of Reason
The ylang ylang is probably the most prominent note in the perfume - offering users a sweet but rather tart aroma. It smells a little like sour oranges - a description that doesn't initially sound all that enticing, but one that works really well with the other elements of the perfume. 

Although high up in the ingredients list, the earthy and smoky properties of vetivert oil is rather subtle in the mix and it acts as more of a base note that ties it all together nicely. What you'll discover is that Jungle is very carefully balanced - if any notes were too heavy in this fragrance, I can see it being a rather nasty experience. 

In the bottle, you get an immediate explosion of fruit and pine - one that smells exactly like the body lotion but perhaps a little stronger than the conditioner. It's a warm and rather relaxing scent - one that Lush promises will 'raise your spirits to the treetops'. For anyone who has ever tried an old-fashioned sweet called Sarsaparilla, this perfume reminds me of the smell this gives off when it's been left in a plastic bag for a few days and it's had a chance to sweat a little. 

Once it's had time to mature on the skin, it begins to lose some of its pungency and you'll left with a sweet smell that   stays with you for a good 4-5 hours. While I would normally use citrus fragrances in the warmer months, this fruity offering from Lush is more suited to the colder months as it's very comforting, rich and rather thick in deliverance.                                                                                                                                                  You really don't need much of this at all so one spray is more than enough to see you through the day. Jungle seems to be very concentrated, like most of Lush's other perfumes, so I can see this 30ml bottle lasting me a very long time. 
The only complaint I have with this product, as with each of the other limited edition perfumes that have come out recently, is that there seems to be an issue with the bottles not being filled to the top. Given that they're the same size as last years bottles, and even seem to have thicker walls, meaning that there's less room for the perfume inside, it seems that we were either given far more than 30ml last year or we've only been given 25ml this year.  While it doesn't take away from how gorgeous this perfume is, it's a little disappointing to think that Lush may be offering us less than we've paid for. 

Quantitative Ingredients: DRF Alcohol, Perfume, Linalool, Cypress Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Vetivert Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Cinnamate, Cinnamal, Citronellol, Farnesol, Geraniol, Hydroxycitronellal, Limonene.

Vegan?: Yes.

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  1. Also one of my favorites.
    It is a fact that we are scent twins, so when i read you love something I can buy it without thinking :-)