31 December 2014

Tisty Tosty Ballistic

To look at, Tisty Tosty is stunning; a perfect example of how bath products should be. With it's heart-shaped demeanour and delicate rose scent, it's the epitome of romance. Furthermore, unlike cheaper alternatives, this ballistic boasts the inclusion of seven real dried rosebuds in it's belly. The fact that it looks like a Valentine's Day limited edition, despite being a regular product, makes it even more appealing. Whether you're looking for a ballistic to spice up your love life, or simply want to treat yourself, this is a bath bomb that should guarantee a sensual experience.  

Based on a mediaeval love potion, this bath bomb is filled with ingredients that the modern damsel or dame would associate with romance; a captivating combination of orris root powder, rose, jasmine and lemon. This concoction gives off a rather pungent floral smell, making it one of the stronger-scented bath ballistics that Lush offer, and fans of the rose fragrance will recognise that this is the dominating scent here. 
As per usual, I dropped the ballistic into an already made bath, and was a little disappointed about how quickly Tisty Tosty dissolved; there are no interesting colour changes or theatrics here. The bath bomb dissolved in a matter of seconds, leaving behind a tub full of slightly translucent, cloudy water and a few shrivelled up rosebuds floating around on the surface. Furthermore, I could no longer smell the beautiful rose scent, or any smell for that matter, unless I picked up one of the pathetic looking rosebuds and gave that a sniff. 

This bath bomb claims to have both rose oil, which is supposed to soothe broken hearts and help to repair skin, and lemon oil , added to give an uplifting top note to the fragrance. However, once the bath bomb had been added to water, the colourless water didn't have any softening qualities at all. Furthermore, the scent was made rather redundant and it was only when I left the bathroom and re-entered that I could smell the rose scent clearly; I found myself adding a Rose Jam Bubbleroon to overhaul the entire bath and give me some sort of experience.

Despite the disappointing experience, I did buy a second Tisty Tosty a week after I used my first one, just to see whether the age of the bath bomb had changed the performance of the product. I did find that the fresh one had a much stronger scent than the first one I used, and the fragrance was more prominent in the bath tub. I don't know whether I had perhaps been sold a 'dud' one or whether the fact that the ballistic was a few months old, had anything to do with it's reduced smell. However, I would expect the fragrance of a bath bomb to last more than a couple of months, so I was slightly annoyed by this.

Overall, this bath bomb was a little disappointing and not really what I was expecting. Knowing how strong their Imogen Rose perfume is, I was hoping for something similar to this. I did find that my second attempt was more successful than the first, but I do wonder how quickly the smell fades if two months is all it took this one, to lose the entirely of it's scent. The only reason I've given this four marks is that I really enjoyed the edition of the rosebuds, although it would have been nice if they'd contained a little more colour. Secondly, this bath bomb would be a lovely edition to a Lush Cocktail (when more than one bath product is added to the tub at the same time). However, the £3.35 price tag means it's not one i'm planning on experimenting with any time soon.

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Seven Rosebuds, Rose Absolute, Geranium Oil, Lemon Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Orris Root Powder, Benzyl Salicylate, Geraniol, Citronellol, *Eugenol, *Linalool, *Limonene, Perfume.

Vegan?: Yes.  

2014 Price: £3.35 each.
2015 Price: £3.50 each.
2016 Price: £3.50 each.

Scent Family:
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Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb
Tisty Tosty Limited Edition Pink

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