29 December 2014

Solid Perfume Gift Set

While I tend to use liquid perfumes more than solid perfumes, I couldn't help but notice this new gift set from Lush. While it's probably their smallest one to date, this is good gift idea for anyone who either loves perfumes in general, or those who have a particular appreciation of sweet, fruity-based fragrances. 

This box set, which will set you back £20.95, works out a little more expensive than if you were to buy all three of the perfumes individually. Therefore, if like me, you're buying these for yourself, I would recommend that you seek them out without investing in this box set. However, as a present for a friend or family member, it's wonderfully presented inside and out, and would have made a nice stocking filler for any Lush fan. 

As you can see from the pictures, this set features:

Karma Solid Perfume

All three of these products have very unique aromas, and while they do share certain traits with each other, such as the fact that they're all very light perfumes and they're also rather uplifting ones, they are each very different from each other in every other aspect. 

The size of the box means that you could carry these around together and it wouldn't take up a lot of room in even the smallest of handbags. You can also opt to remove the tins and pop a single one in your bag if you're conserving space. Lush's latest designs mean that all three of these are beautiful to look at and very easy to carry around with you. 

I think that Lush should offer more of these to fans, incorporating perfumes old and new to create 'scent groups' to purchase. For example, they could group together Dirty, Breath Of God and Dear John to offer consumers a chance to purchase some of their more unisex offerings. This would not only introduce people to perfumes they might not have otherwise discovered, it would also allow regular buyers to buy their favourites in handy go-to packs. Having said that, the company would need to offer these sets at a discounted rate to make them more appealing than buying the individual tins.


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