31 December 2014

Merry Christmas Gift Set

While I know that Christmas is officially over, the Boxing Day sale has allowed me to relish in a number of gift sets that I was unable to buy when they were full price. From my own experience, I enjoy reading people's reviews and seeing pictures of their purchases, even if the items are no longer available to buy any more. For this reason, I will still review all of the seasonal products that I have acquired over the last few days.

The Merry Christmas Gift Set was always one of those products that I had my eye on the second Lush revealed the seasonal gift sets to the world. While it's not one of the bigger ones, it is one of the most beautiful and offers a rather compact but equally gorgeous set of products to enjoy. 

Priced at £19.95, this is within the bracket of most people's budgets for gift-buying so I'm assuming this was one of Lush's biggest sellers this year. Featuring five of Lush's best and most popular ballistics, this is a perfect collection of bath bombs to showcase all of the different types of scents; floral, citrus, spicy, sweet and woody. This is a set for someone who doesn't want the same experience twice, or for someone who has not experienced Lush at all and wants to dip their toes in and see what they're all about. 

This gift set includes;

If only for Lord Of Misrule, this gift set is well worth the price tag and comes in a beautiful metallic-coloured box with a big golden ribbon laced around the outside. If you see one of these on eBay, I highly recommend that you pick it up - I am so glad that I managed to get my hands on one of these in the sale. 

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