6 April 2016

It's Christmas Deer Tin

Some of my readers may be wondering why I'm bothering to review this, given that it's way past Christmas and this gift set has been out of stock for at least three months now. Firstly, for anyone who wishes to buy the tin, this article may just help them to determine what they're willing to pay for one, and whether the contents are appealing enough to do so. 

Secondly, for collectors and those merely interested in the company in general, it's always enjoyable to browse pictures and read reviews of products, whether or not they're still available to buy. Goodness, my blog is the epitome of that last point!

While I am obsessed with investing in tins and reusable boxes from Lush, I'll be honest and say that this was not one that immediately won me over. Although I find it very endearing to look at now, it was not one I was going to invest in - until I saw that it had been marked down to half price, and then I wasn't able to resist. 

Coming in at £26.50 originally, It's Christmas Deer seemed slightly on the expensive side, given how little seemed to be in the set. From experience I know that Lush never normally charge more than a couple of pounds above the cost of the products, and maybe a little more for exceptional packing, but I just felt that there seemed to be less to 'play' with in this set, and that is no doubt down to the fact that the items that are featured are of the more expensive variety.

What is great about this selection of seasonal products is the smell that omits from the tin the second you remove the lid. With so many different fragrances present here, I cannot even explain how glorious it was to get a whiff of them all working at once. In a way, the combined scent didn't really 'work', but at the same time, it was wonderful.

A great selling point for this tin is the fact that the products inside are all so different in both fragrance and usage. Featuring:

this set is great for those who want a combination of regular and seasonal favourites. This would have been (and still can be, if you find one available for sale), a great gift for someone you're trying to introduce to Lush. They can not only enjoy some wonderful limited editions, but they should then hopefully fall in love with regular products and want to invest more.

Once all of the items have been used up, the tin is a great size to store bubble bars and bath bombs in, or something completely non-Lush related if you want to go down that route. The tub can then be reused the following year - filled with Lush goodies to give to a friend in a slightly more interesting way than just wrapping paper, or can perhaps even hold your homemade Christmas cake!

Although I wouldn't have been happy paying full price for this, as I don't feel it offers a selection of products that I love enough to do so, this would have been a great present for somebody, and doubles up as a great storage provider for afterwards.

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £26.50 each. 


  1. Hi Jen! Loves the review, I've got a cocktail for you it's called thaw the bluest of moods
    It contains:
    Blue skies and fluffy white clouds, whoosh sj, frozen bath bomb and oil over troubled water bath oil. Hope you like it!

    1. Thank you for the feedback and what a wonderful cocktail! I shall add it to my list of ones I need to try! :)

  2. One of those rare times I will say that the US version of a gift was better! Although I am a Golden Slumbers fiend so I'm biased.

  3. I use my tin to store my soaps

  4. i got this tin after returning the tin that was musical (can't remember the name of it) as the tin wasn't of very high quality and didn't turn well and i was so much happier with this one, such a cute design that i have a matching knot-wrap of and i remember opening it and the smell of snowcake hitting me in the face! :D