10 April 2016

Lush Cocktail: Light So Bright

Yazmin's 'Light So Bright' Cocktail


Lashings Of So White Shower Gel



While the wind continued to batter at the windows in my bedroom and the rain pelted down on the roof overhead, my mind was restless for a good quality bath - one that would flush out the cold, snuffly feeling I was beginning to feel and put me in the right state of mind to finish my school work. This cocktail sounded like the perfect remedy. 

Light So Bright would sound like a godsend no matter when the bath was offered to me. In the summer months, this great value experience would be light enough to freshen me up without being too cloying; in the winter months it would work as a 'pick me up' to invigorate the senses and banish the constant cold feeling I walk around with. On this particular day, it did everything I was hoping for, and more.

Initially I was unsure why the instructions asked me to pour the So White Shower Gel over the Avobath before adding them to the water. Although I knew that the bath bomb would no doubt fizz due to the contact it would have with the liquid gel, I was rather taken back when I realised that something so simple had in fact elevated the experience tenfold.

After squirting my helping of gel onto the ballistic, and adding it to the water, I was amazed to find that the Avobath was a lot more spritely and far fizzier than I would normally expect. The fragrances of both ingredients did not only collide and make for a powerful reaction in the water, but this simple act also helped to balance out both aromas so that they were equally matched.

The bath bomb frothed and fizzed across the water - turning the water a blue-tinged pastel green, and creating a layer of silky-white foam that coated the surface like a fruity, fragrant blanket.

Next I added in a Starlight Star Bright Bath Melt, which not only added some much-needed silver lustre to decorate the water, but complimented the aroma of the other products with its own zesty lemon scent. While the recipe asks for a whole one, I would say half is more than suffice. 

Finally, the Celebrate Body Lotion is a great finish once you have towelled yourself down and want to top up that bright, zesty experience. While the bath cocktail is enough to leave you well-moisturised and your skin replenished, this is a welcome finish that prolongs that fresh feeling and leaves you smelling like royalty.

Light So Bright is such a simple cocktail - one that can be experienced regularly if you replace Starlight with half of a You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt, and savour your bottle of So White for this very occasion. Out of all of the cocktails I have tried so far, this will be one of two that I use regularly to invigorate my senses, and definitely the one I will reach for in those hotter, summer months.         

Rating: 9.2 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.

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  1. That bath is breathtaking! I wish I could come up with awesome bath cocktails...