2 April 2016

Sweet For You Gift Set

If I was to ever write a children's picture book, I would definitely have to name it Promiscuous Hands, and make it a story of a little girl who just can't help herself when it comes to the indulgences in life. In as many words, it would be an autobiographical venture, as I'm sure most of you have already figured out by now.

When it comes to the Sweet For You Gift Set, my plan was NOT to buy it at all. My reasons being because: firstly, I already have a tonne of bath products to use up, and adding another handful was not going to help my situation at all; and secondly, there wasn't anything in this gift set that I didn't already have. My only purpose behind purchasing this would have been for the knot wrap, which was a silly reason to invest almost twenty pounds for the privilege...

Yet the zero willpower that I possess meant that the purchase was inevitable, and £19.50 later I received a familiar box in the post with this very collection inside. While it's by no means the most attractive gift set I have received or purchased, it's by far one of the most 'fun' looking, and this helped me to determine that I'd made the right choice.

Originally a Japanese release, the Lush Kitchen were kind enough to bring over two of their limited edition gift sets, and this was one of them - a collection based around the concept of good old-fashioned candy. Containing four products - two regulars and two limited editions, Sweet For You in a set designed for either one epic bath, or two or three smaller but still equally awesome experiences.

While the choice of products doesn't give any indication of the theme they were going for inside, the inclusion of both Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar and Prince Charming Shower Cream was a nice gesture. With Green FUN and Think Pink Bath Bomb making up the full set, this is a good selection for those that enjoy fruity, coloured baths. 

Individually, these four products would probably set you back around £14.50, which means that you're paying roughly £5 for the knot wrap, as well as the privilege of having these items gifted in this way. The wrap itself is a little smaller than the regular ones you can buy in store, although not considerably. It is also made from a canvas material as opposed to the silky recycled plastic that many of Lush's designs are crafted from. 

I'd say that the selection of products featured in this collection is lovely, especially if you were thinking of gifting this for a new Lush fan as they'd get to experience established products as well as a couple of limited editions. However, I can't see this being a great selling point for long-time consumers. Had they brought this out around Christmas time, or a little closer to Valentine's Day then they did, I reckon they'd probably have sold a lot more. 

As it happens, I enjoyed the products inside, and the knot wrap will be added to my collection - probably to be converted into a bag at some point. However, I don't necessarily think that it was a wise purchase for someone like me, and I don't feel as if it was worth the price tag that I paid for it.

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: £19.50 each.         


  1. Hi Jen! I was wondering what are the best soaps and shower gels for going to sleep? I do like twilight but i would like some other options. Thanks!

    1. I'm not Jen, but i really like Dreamwash Rouade, although it seems to be an acquired taste from the reviews! :)

    2. Whilst it is exclusive to the lush kitchen, if you ever get the chance to get your hands on Black Pearl I would really go for it! Some of the ingredients are similar to twilight so you may find yourself enjoying it.

    3. Have you tried Serendipity Soap? It contains lots of lavender and chamomile! Also Deep Sleep shower jelly is good for sleep as well. If you are into baths, try a french kiss bubble bar. It is again full of lavendar and it is really relaxing. I hope this helped.