20 April 2016

Lush Cocktail: Fairy Gold Sparkle

Louie's 'Fairy Gold Sparkle' Cocktail


Chunk Of Rock Star Soap



As I've stated many times before, I am definitely not much of a 'pink' person; I've never had that 'girlie' side of me, and while it was the luscious scent of Snow Fairy that originally hooked me onto Lush, it is be no means my favourite scent from the company.

Having said this, when I had an opportunity to try out the new and improved Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar, I couldn't help but gather up all of the pink goodies I could muster and make a cocktail out of it - thus the Fairy Gold Sparkle cocktail came about.

With three out of the four products sharing the same scent, you pretty much know what to expect when it comes to this cocktail. This candy-inspired experience is a statement of scent and colour - perfect to use before a night out. Not only is it creamy and comforting on both the mind and the body, but it'll perk you up and give you that 'get up and go' that you need before a later night on the tiles. 

The seasonal Magic Wand is a great product for cocktails - a multi-use bubble bar that can either act as an integral part of a cocktail, or be swished around for a matter of seconds to add a note of sweetness to your bath. Scented with a sugary-sweet candy floss aroma, and displaying hints of bubblegum for good measure, this would be suited to anyone wanting to bathe in what is essentially a raspberry milkshake.

While running a bath, simply swirl the bubble bar around in the water, like you would a wand in the air. You'll find that the water begins to turn pink instantaneously and within a few seconds large mounds of silky-soft bubbles begin to form across the surface. Although the new design is etched with silver lustre, I didn't see any trace of this in the water. 

Containing both marshmallow powder and synthetic musk, Mmmelting Marshmallow Melt has a wonderful soft and rather playful aroma - like raspberry bubblegum intertwined with a touch of vanilla and a little hint of fruit. While I love Snow Fairy, I find this bath melt to be far more wholesome and creamier than the shower gel. 

Both the cocoa butter and the almond oil not only make this really moisturising in the bath, but offer a really creamy experience in the tub. You only have to drop it into the water to watch it get to work immediately - spewing out thick waves of pastel-pink foam that coats the surface of the tub and creates what looks like a fluffy, cloud-like bath to submerge yourself in.

Finally, I added in a generous chunk of Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar, which is definitely not my favourite product by a far stretch, but does melt very much like a bath melt in the water, and does leave your skin feeling amazing, once you've bathed in its waters. 

Although the obvious choice would be to finish off with Godmother, I opted for Rock Star Soap as I wanted something a little more rounded. This wonderful soap left my skin with a gentle but sweet vanilla fragrance, while the other ingredients offered up some much-appreciated candy goodness. 

While I'm not normally in the mood for cocktails of this nature, I really enjoyed this one and would definitely use this again when I'm looking for that sweet fix.        

Vegan? Yes.

Rating: 8.8 out of 10.


  1. I don't normally choose Snow Fairy but every once in a while I have a massive craving for something pink and sickly sweet. This would be perfect for that. :)

  2. It's a Phoenix life

    1/2 of Phoenix bubble bar
    1 Phoenix rising bath bomb
    1 chunk (or 2) of Spank me with saplings shower jelly
    Lashings of Tramp shower gel
    And 1/2 of pooh stix bath bomb to make cinnamon goodness