24 April 2016

Phoenix Bubble Bar

Those who have watched most of my Youtube videos will know that this was one of the most sought out bubble bars on my wish list. While most of my favourites are of the fruity variety, there was something about the description that appealed to the 'foody' in me, and I couldn't wait for them to arrive so that I could bathe in the 'cinnamon toast-scented' waters that had been promised. 

When Phoenix Bubble Bar arrived however, I was rather taken back by the fragrance that greeted me through the packaging. In as many words, this product possessed an aroma that was incredibly different from the reviews and descriptions that I had based my initial assumptions on. Disappointing.

Instead of the sweet, cinnamon-laced experience I was expecting, the bubble bar gave off a very strong dose of clove - a note that I feel is stronger than the cinnamon element, which is surprising as the ingredients list reads as if the latter would be the most dominating component. In fact, I would say that the smell of this is very similar to that of the New Shampoo Bar. Alongside both of these scents  is a subtle smidgen of sandalwood - a note that doesn't shine through all that much but does give the bubble bar a well-rounded finish.

As to be expected from a bubble bar that features both clove and cinnamon, it is definitely a very strong, spicy experience. Both of the ingredients give Phoenix a distinctively dry and very aromatic fragrance - one that smells as if you've stuck your nose in a fresh packet of herbs. It's very natural smelling and rather woody - one that possesses a very light but natural sweet smell to it. 

To look at, this bubble bar looks like something that's been baked in the oven, and the design did have me slightly worried about what to expect in the tub. On the positive side, the product didn't turn my water into the brown, sludgy mess I was expecting. However, I cannot say that it would win any awards for what it did manage to achieve. 

What impressed me about Phoenix was that it was such a soft, crumbly bubble bar, so it simply melted away between my fingers, when I was holding it under the running water. The product immediately began to build a mountain of bubbles across the surface of the tub and the smell radiated around the bathroom very quickly.

Surprisingly, I discovered that once I had finished running my bath, the colour of the water had not changed at all. Underneath the wave of aromatic bubbles that coated the tub like a winter jacket, the water was as translucent and colourless as it was before I had began to crumble the bar in the first place. 

In its favour, cocktailing this with other products would leave a blank canvas to work from, so you could colour the bath as you see fit, while already having a thick, hazy layer of spice to work with. However, if you wanted to use this by itself, you might be a little disappointed by the lack of vibrancy you'd be working with. 

What it lacks in colour however, it more than makes up for in scent. This is a bubble bar that'll stay with you until the end - leaving a strong dose of cinnamon and clove on your skin, until it settles down and allows the sandalwood to come through a little.

I wouldn't say that this is the most moisturising of bubble bars I have had from Lush, and I didn't really find my skin any smoother or soften then I would with most of Lush's bath bombs. In fact, I would say that this product would be better used to loosen the muscles, fight off any colds, clear sinuses and relieve tension over improving the condition of your skin.

Overall, I wouldn't say that this is a bubble bar that I would run out and buy again - although it's certainly not a terrible bar. Fans of the likes of Skinny Dip, New Shampoo Bar, Jacko Bath Bomb and Pied De Pepper Lotion will probably really appreciate the heavy dose of clove featured here; I just wish that the cinnamon was more prominent and little sweeter.

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Lauryl Betaine, Perfume, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Clove Leaf Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Fair Trade Organic Cinnamon Powder, *Benzyl Benzoate, *Cinnamal, *Eugenol, *Limonene, *Linalool.

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: £3.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: ?


  1. Hey Jen! here's a cocktail that WILL smell like Cinnamon Toast!
    Cinnamon Crunch Toast:
    Phoenix Rising bathbomb
    Butterball bathbomb
    Phoenix bubblebar
    Put Spank Me With Saplings in a strainer under the tap
    Love, Ashey

  2. Hi Jen! I have a bath cocktail I think you will really like.
    Star Gazing
    1/2 of a green bubleroon
    2/6 of ultraviolet
    couple of squirts of Violet nights bath oil
    Black pearl to wash with

    You will be amazed at the beautiful water and the smell of laying in a violet field! Love, Abby

    1. Wow! Nice cocktail! Will try!