20 February 2018

Melt My Heart Massage Bar

As a newfound traveller, I've developed a new perspective on the worthiness of certain cosmetics, and how you have to adapt your routines to match the places you visit and the lifestyle you lead. Having spent the last four months in very hot places, I have come to realise that body lotions are not the most effective way of replenishing your skin. Not only are they rather sticky in humid heat, and make you feel like you need a shower directly after using one, but they also pose the threat of leaking across the minimal clothing you're living in for the next few weeks. 

While you need to think about storage when you're somewhere hot, massage bars are the perfect travelling companions: fitting in the smallest spaces of your luggage and offering an intense moisturising session for your parched skin, after a day on the beach.

When I first sniffed Melt My Heart Massage Bar, I knew that this one would be coming with me on my next adventure - that is if the bar lasts from all of the times I've already used it so far! While not a direct replica, this Valentine's Day special shares its scent with the Jungle family - offering a strange, alluring and rather unique fragrance unlike anything else you've tried before.

All of the Jungle range can be described as possessing a strange, slightly soured fruity smell, coupled with an almost pine-like aroma alongside this. There is also a woody element underneath with a gentle earthy twang that grounds the soured fruity note a little and gives this fragrance slightly green-like qualities as well.  

In all fairness, this is probably the hardest scent to describe from Lush and it's one you have to experience for yourself, to decide whether or not you like it. This smell is definitely an acquired taste, and I find that people either love it or hate it. As I am in the former catergory, I couldn't wait to try this out on my skin. 

Priced up at £4.95, this is one of the cheapest massage bars on offer, and the size of it makes it one of the better value ones as well. Although a little thinner than some of Lush's regular bars, this is two thirds of the price, and therefore one that is worth stocking up on if you feel it works well for you.

As with all of my massage bars, I tend to use this as an intense moisturising session once or twice a week. Using this every day would probably make your skin rather greasy, and it would prove far more expensive than a lotion if you were to use it in this way. 

Simply massage the bar across the skin - I tend to do so in a circular motion - and then use the palms of your hands to spread the oils and butters across the whole area. As the weather is warming up a little in the UK, I would not recommend that you hold this for too long as I found that it began to melt within seconds of contacting the heat from my body. Furthermore, massaging it between your hands and then applying it onto your skin yourself actually ensures that you don't use too much, thus extending the life of the product. 

As with most of Lush's massage bars, your skin is left slightly oily for a short time afterwards and I would recommend leaving it for 5-10 minutes before putting any clothes over the top. However, after this time your skin will look bright and radiant, and feel super nourished and supple. After using this a single time, I found that it completely eradicated some of the dry areas I had developed through peeling.

As to be expected, the scent lingers on your skin for a good hour or more after application, and the effects of the massage bar will last you through the entire day and into the night as well.  

While you can use this in the same manner as I did, you also have the option of giving or receiving a massage from/for someone you love, and I'm sure Melt My Heart would be even more magical if used in this way. As my partner is away travelling for the next few weeks, I have to resign to using this on myself - which isn't the most romantic of options, but certainly leaves my skin feeling good enough to celebrate. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Safflower Oil, Perfume, Dried Rose Petals, Orris Root Powder, Cypress Oil, Orange Flower Absolute, Styrax Resinoid, Olibanum Resinoid, Violet Leaf Absolute, *Benzyl Cinnamate, *Cinnamal, *Cinnamyl Alcohol, *Geraniol, *Hydroxycitronellal, *Limonene, *Linalool.

Vegan?: Yes.

2018 Price: £6.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2018.

Scent Family:
Jungle FUN Bar (2014)
Jungle Solid Conditioner
Jungle Liquid Perfume
Jungle Shower Jelly
Jungle Soap
Jungle Solid Perfume
Jungle/Tropical Jungle Body Lotion

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