19 October 2018

Hulder Bath Bomb

To look at, this bath bomb just appears to replicate a piece of Kryptonite: a gorgeous shade of emerald green rock with a stunning pastel purple surface that's littered with silver opalescent pieces of lustre. It's something you could imagine in the window of a trinket store, alongside all of the other gemstones and crystals on display to be sold.

The name Hulder is the Scandinavian word for a seductive forest creature that likes to lure men into the forest. Translated as meaning 'covered' or 'hidden', these creatures initially appear as normal women, but hide a tail that reveals their true identity if you were to look a little closer. Why Lush have chosen to name this bath bomb Hulder, is a mystery to me, but the results of my time in the bath with this beauty more than made up for the confusion.

Released in limited amounts at the Lush Showcase event earlier this year, Hulder is currently only available as an exclusive in the 'bath only' store recently opened in Tokyo. Although there have been no mention of this beauty ever making its way into other stores, I hope for the sake of the community that it does: because it is gorgeous. 

A fast fizzer, this limited edition makes an immediate impression in the bath tub - fizzing away in a matter of seconds and sending out waves of both purple and green colour across the surface. What I love about Hulder Bath Bomb is that the design allows for both colours to dissolve and decorate the water at the same time, which is really lovely to watch if you're already under the water.

While the bath bomb disappears in under a minute, the stunning shade of sparkly green that it leaves the water, is a marvel to observe. You can quite literally see the waves of silver lustre pulsating under the surface, and the shimmery effect you get whenever the light hits the water is beautiful as well. This is definitely a bath bomb that inspires excitement to watch and enjoy. 

On another positive note, I found that the water created by Hulder was noticeably moisturising for my skin, and I left the tub with a body that felt so much smoother and softer than it had done before I had entered the bath. The inclusion of the salt definitely left an impression here. And although the scent itself didn't remain on my skin afterwards, it was present throughout the whole experience - offering something rather different than anything I had experienced before. 

Containing cypress, davana, elemi and tangerine oils, Hulder is a rich but slightly resinous woody aroma - one that offers extra notes that create both a sweet, fruity layer, and a gentle, mildly green-like, earthy element alongside that. There is something rather clean, and slightly clinical, about the smell of this that I can't quite put into words. Yet at the same time, the sweetness and delicate smokiness of the cypress oil gives it a warmth that makes it perfect for this time of the year. 

While there are quite a lot of strong ingredients featured in this bath bomb, the various elements seem to be dampened in strength quite a bit, so Hulder is no way as potent as it reads on paper. I've seem a number of people describe this limited edition by comparing it to Guardians Of The Forest, and I can honestly say that the two are in no way alike. 

Although this definitely didn't hold a scent as strong as I would have hoped for, I loved the shade of green it turned the water, not to mention how wonderful my skin felt after bathing in its waters. If this was to be made a regular bath bomb, I would definitely invest in one from time to time - if only to pretend that I am superman keen on bringing forth my demise, by bathing in the Kryptonite that will ultimately kill me.

Quantitative Ingredients: Cypress Oil, Davana Oil,Elemi Oil, Coarse Sea Salt, Tangerine Oil.

Vegan?: Yes.

2018 Price: £6.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2018. 

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